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Work At Home University Review |

Work At Home University Review

Work at home university is one of those programs that promise post and click to make money. Their sales ads have the typical proof of income and what testimonials.

It really starts off like they are a work at home jobs provider. The end game is to get you on the phone with a sales shark that will get you to spend a lot of money to earn money from home.

Is Work At Home University a SCAM?

We are very guarded about using the SCAM label for income opportunities. Deception is one of our key identifiers of a SCAM. Work At Home University meets our definition of a SCAM via many deceptive practices. Look just at the photo used for Michelle Withrow. This photo is a stock photo available from iStock.

Combine that with the bait and switch from home job to give us your credit card, we are comfortable with calling Work At Home University a SCAM.