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Women Skype From Ghana Scam

Women In Ghana Skype Scam

Skype has really opened a lot of doors and especially in the Home Business industry. Like anything else people will find a way to abuse a good thing. Unfortunately this is a real problem for people in network marketing. Skype is a great tool to use for communicating with people all over the world and in the home based business arena people are expecting to be contacted by people the don’t know. So they accept in incoming contact. Well the supposed women from Ghana have found a way to exploit Skype.

The basic way the Women in Ghana scam works is you receive a contact request. Sometimes there is a message about liking your profile or that you seem interesting and other times it is just a request. Obviously they target men and they really seem to understand how to play to a man’s personality so it is probable that it isn’t even a women. They start a conversation and one thing leads to another then eventually they ask for some money. The reasons vary but in the end they ask for something in such a way that the man desires to assist.

Skype is a necessity so a few added precautions can really help. First when you receive a contact request just right click on the person and view their profile. If it says Ghana then decline and block that person. Second is just use common sense. Women are not going to seek men via Skype. It might be tough for some to do something normally considered rude, ┬ábut if someone starts chatting with you for no reason just tell them you aren’t interested and block them.

Don’t send any money to women in Ghana.