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Why Are So Many Doctors Joining SISEL?

Doctors in a business that they earn money from recommending products to their patients. First thing that comes to mind is why?

Doctors don’t really receive an education about supplements in medical school. Generally one class on the subject. Now Doctors are taking upon themselves and learning about supplements.

In todays economy people can’t afford the ongoing costs related to the onslaught of health issues. Doctors seeking methods to actually avoid those health issues, instead of treating them when they have arrived, have found the best way to avoid those issues is through proper nutrition.

With SISEL International they have found a company that manufactures at pharmaceutical grade and as one of the largest manufacturers also utilize the highest quality ingredients. SISEL also has large staff of research scientists to provide the best formulation of nutritional supplements. With SISEL they have the ability to recommend products and not violate their medical ethics.

Is money a factor? Sure even Doctors need to make a living. Doctors are at the mercy of the Insurance companies. Generally speaking they are lucky to receive 40% of the bill from the insurance companies. As distributors for SISEL the doctors can now recommend the highest quality supplements and receive an income stream.

Personally I feel this is a real positive trend. I’d much rather have a doctor the helps me stay healthy than one that waits and treats me when I am sick.

Sure in the past Doctors recommended diets that provided the proper nutritional values, but the nutrients in the food that is mass produced is far less than 50 years ago. There is also the issue with pesticides and hormones that are in the food. Anti-Oxidants go a long way towards dealing with those issues.

What types of products are they recommending? That actually depends on the needs of the patient. Of course they recommend the SpectraMaxx Anti-Oxidant as well as the other two products in the triangle of life, Eternity and Fucoydon. What might seem strange is when they recommend the SiseLEAN meal replacement shakes for the nutritional value not for the weight loss. SISEL lean contains 33% of most of the daily  required vitamins along with 51 trace minerals. Many of which we no longer get from the over farmed vegetables. With SISEL they also have a wide variety of products in their arsenal with the comforting knowledge that SISEL provides the best quality possible.

SiseLEAN is a great example of the lengths Sisel goes to in order to provide quality products. Most meal replacements are based on Soy or Whey. Soy contains a lot of pesticides and many studies have linked Soy to numerous health issues. Soy is a source of protein and since it is cheap companies use it in their shakes. Whey comes from milk. Since milk contains pesticides, antibiotics and hormones the whey is heated to high temperatures which kills all the active ingredients. SISEL uses milk but in a very expensive processing that uses a multi stage filtration system to remove all the bad stuff yet keep all the active ingredients. This provides Soy and Lactose free protein and still provides the 51 trace minerals. As the manufacturer SISEL can afford to provide this healthier meal replacement at the same price as Soy based alternatives. Were it not for the ability to provide this healthy version then SISEL wouldn’t manufacture one at all. All SISEL products must meet the SISEL Safe commitment to provide toxic free products.

The SiseLEAN is just one example of the high quality production of SISEL International. Every product SISEL produces is formulated to retain the active ingredients. Resveratrol is another good example. There is a plethora of resveratrol capsules available in the market. When processing resveratrol it reacts with light, heat and oxygen. Encapsulated products are vulnerable to these elements. The SISEL eternity product is formulated utilizing nanotechnology such that their 1/2-3/4 ounce of the liquid Eternity product provides up to 250 times the capsule varieties.

Doctors have seen this level of commitment that SISEL has to providing the best quality supplements and can recommend them with confidence.