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What is the Perfect Home Business


I’ve been involved with several home business opportunities and passed on hundreds of others after doing the research.

It was kind of sad in a way that some of the good home business opportunities went bad or didn’t ever really pan out. Having experienced this a few times I figured out what I would want in the perfect home business.

First: I would want the owner of the company to already be wealthy. Some of the companies I was involved with had good products and pay plans but never really took off. The owners of the companies didn’t have the resources to put all the tools and systems in place. They were relying on the income of the startup to finance the business. So people get started and without the foundation in place they just stalled. The second reason is that when the owners are in need of money they squeeze as much money out of the company as they can and don’t focus on the business and products.

Second: would be great products. I mean really great products. Products that people would want regardless of the business opportunity. Most of the “home business opportunities” have products that meet the regulatory compliances but they aren’t people that would buy without the attached money making opportunity. So all you can really do is recruit people that are looking for a money making opportunity.

So you put forth a lot of effort to recruit people to build your business. Well the average life span of people starting a home business is about 100 days. If they aren’t making money by then they disappear. Since they only were buying the products for the business opportunity they stop buying.

So having products that are so good that people will want to buy them regardless of the business opportunity would be a dream come true. This opens up so many doors. If you get a customer they would continue purchasing products from you regularly. Some of them would also become distributors. They may work the business full time or simply refer friend, family and people the meet to the products. Of course if people do get started for the business opportunity then decide it’s not for them they would still continue to purchase the products. Then you would have a true long term residual income.

Third: I want the company to ship the products directly to the customers. I don’t want to have to purchase and store products that I have to ship. No freedom in that. Also a company with good customer service. If there is a problem with purchasing or shipping and such, I want the customer to have a pleasant experience.

Forth: I want the company to be fairly new. I’ll be honest I’m interested in big money. I want the potential to have at least a 7 figure income. Imagine if you were one of the first distributors of Avon or Mary Kay, you would have thousands of people in your downline that you earn commissions from. Those people are millionaires many times over now.

Fifth: Experienced leadership. I want to know that the company will be around a long time. Quite often you see people that made a lot of money in a home business and then decide to start their own business. Unfortunately while they know how to market the don’t know how to “cross the T’s and dot the I’s” when it comes to meeting regulatory compliances.

Sixth: A good compensation plan. A lot of companies will create a compensation plan that is really designed to put money in the company’s pocket not the distributors. They design into the compensation plan what is known as breakage. Basically they have qualification levels, that most people don’t attain, to earn the bonuses and commissions. What happens to the money when people aren’t “qualified”? The company keeps it. You also don’t want to have to have thousand of customers just to earn a good income.

So that’s the dream business and I never expected to find a company that met all those requirements, but I wanted to get as close as possible.

Well imagine my surprise when I found a company that exceeded what I thought were the ultimate requirements.

So check this out. Tom Morrow Sr. is a billionaire scientist that started a company called Neways. After a divorce he found he couldn’t function in a partnership with his ex wife so he sold the company for about a billion dollars.

Tom had a strong desire to build the biggest network marketing company in history. It wasn’t about the money because he saw already a billionaire it was about the passion to help people and create the best products available.

So he builds a huge manufacturing facility that is pharmaceutical grade. Here he manufactures hundreds of products for other companies. Many of which you find at Walmart, Target, GNC and such as well as 40 other network marketing companies. With the 400,000 sq ft facility he has 18 research scientists on staff to create vastly superior products.

Most people are aware that most of the health issues we face today are created from our environment. Many of the products we use everyday are toxic. From laundry detergent to makeup. Even the bottled water we drink has BPA’s in the container. Also our food doesn’t have the nutritional value it should provide.

So SISEL develops products to help people live longer healthier lives. So you have a choice to continue using products that cause cancer, diabetes, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s and numerous other health issues or to replace those same products with the TOXIC free SISEL products. Obviously once people start buying these products they continue to buy them.
Something as simple as shampoo. Do you know that most shampoo contains estrogens? As do many other products that you will find around your home. The sperm count in the average american has dropped over 42% since 1940. Boys are less masculine and girls reach puberty much earlier than they did decades ago. Do you really want to massage estrogen into your child’s head or your own everyday.

Since SISEL makes their money by manufacturing the products they provide the most lucrative compensation plan. They pay out a true 67% to distributors with no “breakage”.

SISEL ships the products directly to the customers and provide all the best customer service I have ever seen. I don’t mean just in home business but with any company I have ever purchased products from. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee. To top that off, they even give a 20% discount rebate to people who are customers only. People that aren’t distributor get a 20% credit on orders that they can use on future purchases.

SISEL has been around for 5 years focused initially on the foreign market and has just recently launched in the United States. They are constantly opening in new countries. So SISEL is still a ground floor opportunity.

So we have billionaire owner that has already started a company and built it into a billion dollar company. Over 150 million dollars invested by the owner to build the business including one of the largest manufacturing plants in the world. A company that is completely debt free with almost no overhead. Great products that everyone can and should use. Products that people will buy as customers only and continue to purchase on a regular basis.The most lucrative compensation plan in the industry. Direct shipping and fantastic customer service. Still a ground floor opportunity.

That meets all the requirements I listed. So how does SISEL exceed my dream business? That comes back to the products. Products that increase my health and help me live longer.

Well the icing on the cake has to be TS-X. I would never have imagined having a product like TS-X to market. In 2009 three scientists received the Nobel Prize for their research into Telomeres. The constant decrease in Telomere activity is what causes people to age. They found out that by providing support for the telomeres they can actually reverse aging. This product is a result of that research and can actually reverse biological aging. This product alone can extend your life to 125 or more. How would you like to be 90 and have the body and mind of a 60 year old.

TS-X is the most significant product to be developed in the last century if not ever. So having already met my dream requirements have a product like TS-X definitely put it over the top.

Watch the recording of a live Webinar with Tom Morrow Sr. If you watch the entire recording you will see all this for yourself. After you watch the video you will want to purchase SISEL products. Doesn’t that tell you something about the business opportunity. Watch the Video Here