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Washington Routs Eagles

Redskins Defeat Eagles

The Washington Redskins, with rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III, routed the Philadelphia Eagles. While RGIII’s future looks bright the same can’t be said for Philadelphia Coach Andy Reid.

As tight end Brent Celek put it: “I don’t know how it can get much worse.”

Big implications for a game that was to decide the last place position in the NFC East. Washington now 4-4 had a lot to feel good about while 3-7 Eagles are left to question the future of their coaches and marquee players.

Robert Griffin continues to impress completing 14 of 15 passing attempts with 4 touchdown passes and another 84 yards rushing.

The Redskin fans were on a big high chanting “We want Dallas!” Always a big rivalry but with the game on Thanksgiving day this will be a very passionate game.

It’s true the RG3 did impress but in the end Washington beat the second string rookie quarterback Nick Foles.

Mistakes by the Eagles was the biggest factor in the game. The Eagles entered the game with the worst turn over ratio and left at -14. Coupled with numerous penalties they just don’t look like an Andy Reid coached team.