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TVI Express

TVI Express originally launched in India which has been the core of their business. As the result of not providing products and even paying commissions several countries have taken action to prevent TVI Express from taking advantage of their citizens. Finally India has passed new regulations that prevent this type of shady operation.



TVI Express is incorporated off shore in Cyprus. Ownership of TVI remains hidden. TVI Express does not meet regulatory compliance in The United States, Australia, the UK and more. As a result individuals in those countries are being held accountable.

Australia has become the first country to take action against TVI Express. The ACCC ( Australian Competition & Consumer Commission ) has issued an injunction restricting individuals from promoting TVI Express ( alleged illegal pyramid scheme) in Australia pending formal hearing. During this process access to their own bank accounts has been restricted.

TVI has been served a Cease and Desist Order in the State of Atlanta, Ga. The State Attorney in Atlanta, GA also informed TVI leaders that that If TVI company owners cannot be prosecuted (Because they are outside U.S. jurisdiction) Then they will go after the Leaders Promoting TVI in the U.S. because they are in essence acting as an Agents for TVI.

When TVI Express first expanded to North America we initially gave it a high review. At the time they were supposedly a UK based company and had launched in India and China. Individuals were earning and getting paid great commissions. A couple months after our review they left their UK offices and put a hold on registrations for the 6 night 7 day vacations.

TVI announced that vacation registration would be online in November and that new offices were opening. We gave them the benefit of the doubt and lowered their rating to 3 stars.

The actual corporate location has now been revealed as being in Cyprus. Although the company ownership has not been released, compelling evidence has been revealed that the majority owner is a person that has been representing themselves as the top income earning member.

At the point of approaching one year no members have yet to actually take the 6 night 7 day vacation.

Customer support is still non existent.

In December TVI delayed commission payments by 15 days.

In January they paid bonus commissions to the online ewallets on January 10th. All members contacted have not been able to transfer those payments out of the TVI ewallet.

TVI is not supplying the products sold. They are not paying the commissions. They are currently under investigation in both the US and Australia.

TVI Express Review



UPDATE: TVI Express in Alert Status.

TVI Express is now in Alert status. There are multiple reasons for the new rating. Since our original review the company has left it’s offices in the UK and has not announced a new location. All indications are the company is actually located in India. Who the actual owners of the company are has not been released.

The support for TVI Express is practically non-existent. Reports from numerous TVI Reps indicate that support tickets and emails to support go unanswered. Most often the only way to get issues resolved are to contact the support by phone. Support by phone is limited to less than 8 hours a day and the ability to get through on the support line is very limited.

After 11 months, TVI finally made the ability to register for the six night seven day vacation. This has resulted in a downgrade of the product as detailed in the product section.

The implementation of the 2 by 3 matrix by TVI was an initial booming success. As time passed problems developed. The force fill cycling concept has caused fragmentation of teams resulting in “breakage”. TVI allows individuals to own unlimited positions in the matrix which has greatly added to the fragmentation. The result is stagnated boards.

Two newer U.S. based companies using the 2 by 3 matrix have altered the implementation of the 2 by 3 matrix to alleviate this problem. Dream Style Vacations uses the same force fill cycling plan, but limits individuals to one position which will greatly reduce the fragmentation. The pre-launch Pyxism has developed a “true follow me” plan that completely eliminates the fragmentation.

Individuals are receiving their payouts so they are still a 3 star rated opportunity.

Travel Ventures International is basically a discount travel club. To become a member you simply purchase a travel voucher for $250. That voucher can be redeemed for a 6 night 7 day vacation from a selection of 5 star resorts around the world. No additional costs are required to participate in the business opportunity. Referring two new customers qualifies the new member for a recurring $10,000 payout.


Travel Ventures International is a discount travel club. Members have access to a travel interface much like Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia and such. Included it access to discount travel packages. The initial product to join is a $250 travel voucher. This voucher can be redeemed for a 6 night 7 day vacation. This also includes the return airfare.

Citizen Corps Product Review:

In November TVI finally opened registration for the 6 night seven day vacation. In order to register you are required to select the dates for your vacation and your 3 destination locations. During the process you are informed that no high traffic periods will be available. The availability of vacations is limited to time frames when promotional rooms are available. After completing the registration request, you are informed that you will receive your options within 5 to 7 working days. Are reviewers that completed this process have yet to receive their options with the 7 working days expired.

The affiliation with RCI promoted by TVI has yet to occur.

Marketing Systems:

Travel Ventures International provides a replicating marketing page with contact management, auto responders, and full back office features. This is provided to all members at no additional cost and no monthly fees. Also provided are business building and marketing tools.

Citizen Corps Systems Review:

There have been no additions or improvements to the marketing system. The company itself provides no business opportunity presentations. All presentation are provided by TVI marketers. 

Startup Costs:

TVI Express eVoucher – $250.

Citizen Corps Startup Costs Review:

It is a one time cost of $250 to become a member. No monthly fees not minimum purchase. That’s it $250 and that includes a 6 night 7 day vacation.

TVI has yet to implement the ability to purchase the vouchers with credit cards. Although the price is $250 it is rare that individual new to TVI can purchase the voucher for that amount. To purchase vouchers there are two options: Use the funds in your own TVI eWallet or purchase via Liberty Reserve. As new members do not have funds in their eWallet, it leaves only the Liberty Reserve option. The price of the voucher via Liberty Reserve is $275 plus the exchange and transfer fees. This amounts to an actual startup cost of about $300.

Compensation Plan:

TVI has a revolving matrix compensation plan. This uses two different 2 by 3 matrices. The first is referred to as the Traveller board and the second it the Express board.

When you join TVI Express, you get a position at Level 1 of the Traveller Board. You earn a $250 commission and an eVoucher worth $250, which accounts to a total benefit of $500 (double your investment) as you exit the Board. The board splits when all positions on the board are filled. All that is required for you to qualify is sponsor just two people. To exit the traveller board you are not required to personally sponsor two people. Those two people can be excess sales made by someone on your team.

When you cycle out of the Traveller board, you get a position at Level 1 of the Express board. You earn a mega bonus of $ 10,000 credited to the Online Wallet instantly as soon as you cycle out of the Express Board. And  you get a re-entry into the Express board for you to make another $ 10,000 in a revolving fashion.

Citizen Corps Compensation Review:

This compensation plan has proved to be very successful and is very popular. Many people have made a lot of money with TVI but their implementation has caused fragmentation and stagnant boards. The ability to have multiple positions ans allowed individuals to manipulate the system by purchasing positons just to cycle a board. This leaves dead positions and results in “breakage” of the compensation plan.

Members contacted report not being able to receive cash payouts of commissions earned. Although the ewallet shows commissions they are not able to transfer funds. The only method to collect is to convert all earnings to vouchers to join TVI and sell those to new members.