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Tsunami Cycler | TsunamiCycler Review

Tsunami Cycler

Tsunami Cycler is currently in Pre-Laucnch and we are sure the founder really believes he has put together a good formula for success, but instead has created a money game which will implode completely. In fact as you will find out it doesn’t even meet some of the most basic requirements to be compliant with federal regulations.

First there is a $100 startup fee with a $10 monthly. This and owning the top spots is where the company makes money. Tsunami Cycler supplies some electronic products and use a series of 4 2by3 true follow me matrices.

The first matrix is a $100 entry and when you fill the 15 positions below you then you will have earned you $100 back and a profit of $100. One unique part of the Tsunami Cycler is that whenever a bottom position on the 2 by 3 matrix is filled the money is paid out. So when you fill the first position on the bottom row you get the $100. The next 5 are then used to pay your way into the $500 second matrix. The final position $100 is used to buy your way back into the matrix in a position following your sponsor.

After the first time through the first matrix you then collect on the $600 for the first 6 positions on the bottom row and the final two are then used to purchase two more positions for you following your sponsor. For that top three matrices every time you complete the matrix the last two positions are always used to purchase two additional positions in that matrix under your sponsor.

In theory with the perfect world scenario of everyone bring in two people and so on, this sounds like a constantly accelerating compensation plan.In the real world it is a quickly imploding compensation plan. The whole reason for using a true follow me matrix over a force filled matrix is to prevent the fragmentation of your team. With the addition of a second re entry every time through the matrix you are constantly doubling the number of personal positions you have and therefore fragmenting your team even more so because you are fragmenting yourself amongst several positions.

Aside from the flaw in the compensation plan there are the compliance violations. Every time you complete a matrix the bottom row is that pay line and that money is earned by you. The Tsunami Cycler compensation plan dictates that some of your earnings are used to purchase new positions in the matrix.  When ever you purchase into a matrix you must receive a product for you purchase. If there is no product involved in the transaction then the matrix operation is deemed a money game or pyramid scheme. Another point on the product line is the value. The initial entry may only be $100 but you are purchasing into $500, $2000 and $6000 matrices and would have to receive a product or that value.

The second very clear violation of compliance regulations is the ability to have multiple positions. Although there is a little flexibility in this regulation there isn’t enough to allow a constantly doubling number of positions. With any matrix operation the first test is that of allowing multiple positions. If they do then it will almost always get chopped in the major countries around the world. Although Tsunami Cycler does not allow initial purchase of multiple positions the follow on re  entry multiple positions is still multiple positions in the same matrix and once again non compliant.

Tsunami Cycler is just another money game with a short life span.