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TopTierIncome | Jeff Learner Top Tier Income Review


is something you should get a clear grasp on prior to getting involved.
Top Tier Income is system that includes a sales funnel designed around the story of Jeff Lerner. This type of system might seem familiar if you were familiar with Carbon Copy Pro. Carbon Copy Pro was originally just a sales funnel built around the story of Jay Kubessek. Jeff Lerner got his start in the industry as a member of Carbon Copy Pro.

Jeff Lerner’s story: Jeff owned a franchise restaurant in Houston that failed leaving him with bills and debt and no income. He answered an ad online about starting a home business and ended up getting started with Wealth Masters International. At that time Carbon Copy Pro was the marketing partner of Wealth Masters International.

Jeff began earning a good income with Wealth Masters International and was asked to join the leadership of Carbon Copy Pro. Carbon Copy Pro parted ways with Wealth Masters and eventually Jeff was removed from Carbon Copy Pro when he began building a completive business.

TopTierIncome is a sales funnel and an income opportunity. The cost for TopTierIncome is $297 startup and $199 per month.

The concept is that you market to recruit people looking to make money online. They join and are automatically signed up as affiliates for a few other businesses and the introduced to some others. The idea being that you will have multiple income streams from the people you introduce to TopTierIncome.

The costs associated with TopTierIncome do not include joining fees or monthly memberships to these 8 affiliate companies.

Affiliate companies of TopTierIncome:

The Tax Club: You are set up as an affiliate for The Tax Club. This is something you can do on your own without TopTierIncome. As an affiliate you can earn money from anyone you refer to the tax club for their tax services.

Secure Trust Program, 200web and HubOPus are all companies also owned by Jeff Lerner and his partners.

Secure Trust Program: An identity theft company that has a monthly fee of $29 and you would earn a commission on anyone that chooses to pay. A marketing services compony that sells packages for helping sites rank in natural search. As an affiliate you can earn a percentage of whatever referrals you make. What they offer seems very comparable to the packages that came with Carbon Copy Pro that were not effective means of advertising.

HubOPus: A branded system that allows you to create your own marketing systems and use standard capture pages. As an affiliate any sales you make you would earn a commission.

KB Gold: As a member of TopTierIncome you have the option to join KB Gold. You have the same option with out being a member of TopTierIncome. So your $199 a month doesn’t get you anything here.

Wealth Masters International:

This is what it really  comes down too. This is a marketing tool for promoting Wealth Masters International. As a member of TopTierIncome you have the option of joining Wealth Masters International. Once again you have that option without being a member of Top Tier Income.

The 100% Guaranty:

The guaranty is concerning only your setup fee for TopTierIncome and the monthly fees associated with TopTierIncome. If you don’t make more than that in a year that money is supposedly guaranteed. The guaranty does not include any of the money you spend on any marketing or the costs of participating in those programs.

NOTE: The guaranty does not guaranty you will have a NET profit as a result of your association with TopTierIncome.

In summary TopTierIncome seems rather expensive for what you receive. For $200 per month you get the ability to sell other products for Jeff Lerner and join Wealth Masters International which seems to be very much floundering. If you are interested in a Top Tier Home Business we recommend Avant.