The Top 10 - Best Affiliate Programs

Below you will find my top ten affiliate programs for you to earn and learn. All of them offer outstanding products that you can use to help you succeed in your internet work at home business. They also have the best affiliate programs for you to start your own home business or add income streams to your existing business. Most were created by some of the top internet marketing gurus in the world. Many of the information products and affiliate programs you find below have been used by the best of the best to make money online. You can be sure you are on the fast track to achieving financial independence when you affiliate with these guys!

Remember, this is a list of my top 10 affiliate programs which I have found to be the best for earning the most money and/or learning the most for online business. They all have great commissions, great products, great support, and great reporting of affiliate sales. They work well for me and have worked well for many others too. I am confident that you will make money by using and/or promoting anything from the list below.

Please note that there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick opportunity. In order for anyone to make money online they must put in time and effort. With persistence and desire you will succeed online.

Okay, Here's the Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs

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Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs

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Strong Future International (SFI)
Well, if you have browsed around this site at all you have probably noticed that this is one of my top picks for starting a work at home business. I have SFI featured on my home page and I have also created another page all about it called the #1 business opportunity on the internet.

The reason I have placed it here, in the #1 position, is because I think that joining SFI before you consider anything else is just plain smart. Like the other sites listed below you will be affiliating with an existing company when you join SFI, but it is more of a home based business opportunity rather than an affiliate program.

SFI is a very well-known and respected business opportunity. Many of the top internet marketers started and continue with SFI, plus most of the top work at home websites are promoting it right now, as you read this. I started with SFI way back in 2003 and have learned more from them than I could ever express in writing. I have done countless hours of research on all types of opportunities but have found few that compare to SFI, all-around. You get priceless training information and resources as well as hundreds of products to promote - all for FREE.

The rest of the affiliate programs on this page are wonderful and highly recommended. However, I suggest you start with SFI and then use the programs below to supplement your SFI business. By using these programs together you can form a highly profitable home based business.

Sign-up for free to get more information


Ken Envoy's Site Sell
Ken is an absolute genius when it comes to building a business! He has come up with some of the best products in the world for building a successful business and making money on the internet. Regarded by many as the #1 internet marketing guru, it's not surprising that he comes in at #2 on the list.

The Site Sell brand over-delivers with outstanding value. The products give everyone a chance to get a piece of the e-commerce pie. For a reasonable and affordable price, they empower people to truly win on the web.

Here are a few of the many amazing products in the Site Sell arsenal:

Site Build It!
"Build income through content!"

Sites built using
SBI! consistently get high traffic, as a recent survey shows.
  • 51% of SBI! sites fall within the top 6% most popular sites on the Internet
  • 30% fall within the 3% most popular
  • 17% fall within the 2% most popular.
Want Proof that SiteBuildIt! is the BEST? Click Here!

Click Here To Take a Quick Slide Show Tour of Site Build It!

Make Your Site Sell -The definitive work on making any Web Site SELL!"

Make Your Knowledge Sell -Turn Knowledge into income -- sell your brain on the NET.
Make Your Words Sell -Want to sell MORE? Become an e-persuader

....And, of course, the Affiliate Program! Ken offers one of the best affiliate programs on the internet... for FREE!
The 5 pillar program, combined with your motivation and energy, will definitely help you build a profitable business.

The five pillars of the program are:
1) A growing, synergistic, in-demand line of high-value products.
2) A high first-purchase commission.
3) A lifetime commission on all purchases by customers originally referred by you.
4) A lifetime commission based on the earnings of your entire team of affiliates.
5) A limited number of affiliates -- “too many affiliates spoil the program!”

Join the 5 pillar affiliate program here


Derek Gehl's Insider Secrets
If you've been searching for information about how to sell products or services online, then you've probably come across Derek Gehl's name at least a few times. That is because he is right up there with Ken Envoy as being one of the best internet marketing guru's in the world.

It was a toss up as to whether I was going to put Derek or Ken at #2. In the end Derek came in at #3 but it wouldn't be hard to put up a viable argument for him to be in the second, or even first, position.

Derek's products come highly recommended by just about everyone who uses them. I have heard many internet marketing guru's give his products wonderful reviews. I personally give his products my absolute highest recommendations! You can make a great income by using his products yourself or by promoting them with his affiliate program, or both.

Here are a couple of my favorite products from the Derek Gehl collection:

Derek has RECENTLY RELEASED: a NEW VERSION of his best-selling course: "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet"!

It has 1,000+ pages of up-to-the-minute research, test results, examples, case studies, and the newest and hottest strategies for marketing your business on the Internet!

In 10 easy-to-follow steps, with 61 comprehensive lessons, you'll learn the SAME tested and proven fast-growth strategies Derek personally used to build his one-man business into a $7.6 million enterprise -- on a shoestring budget.

This is the SAME system that literally 1,000s of his protégés have used to earn $30,000 to $2.5 million per year using the Internet.

To preview Derek's brand-new course, and learn his most profitable secrets, click here now.

Internet Profit Maker Seminar -Find out how other successful entrepreneurs are driving traffic to their web sites for the rest of their lives -- for FREE!

Secrets to Their Success -In-depth case studies of how ordinary people are now earning $100,000+ per year. "No BS" examples of real people making real money!
At a very small price this is a fabulous way to learn from people just like you and me who can prove their success. You will learn exactly how they have done it, what mistakes they have made, what their recommendations are, and much more.

The Affiliate Program Derek's top-rated affiliate program is free to join and gives you the ability to instantly generate an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part. You also get an arsenal of internet marketing tools just for joining.


4) Scam Free Zone
These guys offer a lot of great products and information. Whether you are a "Newbie" or an "Expert Guru" you can find something that will benefit you at the Scam Free Zone.

I first came across the Scam Free Zone when I was doing research to find good information to include on the "Be Scam Free for Life - Scam Information" page of this website. I noticed that many of the top resource sites that I was researching had links to the Scam Free Zone on them. I figured they must be worth looking into if all these big name websites were promoting them. I quickly found out that I was right. From beginning to end they have quality information for every step of your internet work at home business.

I found the entire "Internet Success Series" to be simply stunning. With Step-by-step guides, Marketing tips and secrets, Movies, E-books, Top secrets revealed, and much more. It includes everything you need to start and succeed in an online business!

Check out some of my recommended products from the Scam Free Zone:

Internet Success Blueprint - For Beginners - Start your own profitable online business by following a proven success blueprint with a triple your money back guarantee!

Internet Success Diamonds -30 Secrets from 10 top internet marketers revealed!

Internet Success Interviews
-Let the masters of marketing speak directly to you!

The Scamfreezone Associates Program -Pays out 50% of each sale and has impressive realtime stats and products that are easy to sell. It's free to join and is great way to put your work at home dreams into action.


5) Marlon Sanders' Amazing Formula

Marlon is a master internet marketer! He has been at it for a long time and has built a super successful internet home business. People even pay thousands of dollars to attend one-day seminars of his.

I really like him because he doesn't try to get you all hyped up with promises like so many other marketers do. Marlon doesn't give you those guarantees of $100,000 a year that you see so often with other programs, although with his products and affiliate program you could very well attain it.  He produces legitimate, reputable, and worthwhile information in an honest and modest way.

His affiliate program and business products have helped many people to become very successful with their home business. I think it is due to his sincere desire to help combined with the awesome products that he has come up with.

Marlon has 19 superb products to choose from. Here are a four of my top picks:

The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy -If your interested in selling your products by the hundreds or even thousands then read this!
-Works for all types of businesses
-Over 100 pages of testimonials
-Covers online and offline marketing
-Triple your money back guarantee

Gimme My Money Now -How to create products fast and roll them out successfully using your own 2 page websites!

Cash Like Clockwork -How to make cash like clockwork - exact systems that Marlon uses to enable him to work at home and make great money!

Marketing Dashboard -Point-and-click your way to sales and profits!

Of course, Marlon also has a very lucrative affiliate program. You can make quite a living by associating with him and promoting his products. Just click on any of the product links above and you will find the affiliate program link at the top-right.


6) Yanik Silver - Surefire Marketing
Yanik has shot to the top of the online marketing world very rapidly. He is actually fairly new to the internet home business world but in only a few months he has become one of the leading internet marketing gurus.

How was he able to do this? Simple! He came up with some spectacular products that people like and set the price low enough for them to afford. He is also a darn good marketer so he was able to get his products into the public eye. Plus, he added a great affiliate program into the mix offering generous commissions so his associates can make a nice profit.

I think Yanik is a great guy who offers some very helpful products. If you are looking to find something to start your business or boost you business you will find it in the Surefire Marketing list of products.

Here are a few of my favorites from Yanik Silver:

Instant Sales Letters -You can create your own powerful sales letters in just minutes...without writing!

33 Days to Online Profits -Here's exactly what you do to start making money online in 33 days!

Mind Motivators -Unlock the secret door to instantly persuade prospects to buy NOW!...No matter what business you're in!

As you can see just from the short list of products above Yanik has come up with some great stuff. He has at least ten more that are all really good too. His information is not only worth buying it is also worth promoting to everyone!

To join the Surefire Marketing Affiliate Program click here
you will see where it says "Make Money" on the top, right.


7) All-In-One-Business
Kevin Bidwell, the owner of all-in-one-business has come up with a couple products that are rapidly climbing the ranks in online business. Kevins products sell really well and get great feedback from customers. Everyone seems to love them.

The two most popular products from all-in-one-business are:

Passive Income Report -How to create a passive income...without a website, a mailing list, a product, or spending a dime!

Success Secrets Course -The most common lies in internet marketing exposed!

The associate program offered by all-in-one-business is tends to be an easy one to promote. It is well received by people and can easily generate a steady income for anyone that wants to promote it. Click here to sign-up and start making money.


8) Rich Dad Poor Dad  - Robert Kiyosaki 
Now here's one that I absolutely love. I am sure you have heard about many of Roberts books. That is because he has some New York Times bestsellers with his most famous one probably being Rich Dad Poor Dad. He has a whole series of books designed to give you a journey to financial freedom as well as a very popular cashflow game.

I have read four of Roberts books and currently own seven of them. I also have a CD containing an interview with him called "The Perfect Business." Actually when I stumbled upon his Rich Dad Poor Dad book I was trying to find a job. After reading his book I had a whole new perspective on how to secure my financial future and a ton more motivation to do so. Then I read more of his books and loved them just as much. In fact, I have read two of his books twice this year. I have recommended the Rich Dad series of books to many people and everyone I know that has read them comes away with a whole new positive outlook on their future.

Here are some of the books that I really like:

Rich Dad Poor Dad - What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not!

Retire Young Retire Rich - How to get rich quickly and stay rich forever!

Cashflow Quadrant - Perfect for people interested in finding ways to generate cashflow!

Guide to Becoming Rich - Turn bad debt into good debt without cutting up your credit cards!

Mr. Kiyosaki also has a great money making affiliate program. Since he has so many must-have products at a very low cost it is very easy to promote his products and earn a very good income.

Click here to find all of the products and the affiliate program.


9) James Martell
This is another great program with super products. James has really done it all when it comes to internet marketing. He is a very successful man and has taken all of his secrets and put them into an easy-to-follow guide.

I strongly recommend his "Affiliate Marketers Handbook." Read more about it below:

"James Martell’s AFFILIATE MARKETERS HANDBOOK" - The 8-Steps you MUST take to succeed with Affiliate Programs on the Net! ...James Martell – a bona-fide expert with Internet affiliate programs shares insider secrets that have propelled him to the top of the major search engines in three competitive industries: Credit Cards, Cell Phones and Satellite TV. This is a complete training program in a downloadable PDF format, written in plain English and spelled out in a step-by-step system that virtually GUARANTEES users will be making money on the Internet at the completion of Step-8. You get 40,037 words of easy to understand text, 107 helpful illustrations and 257 pages to guide you through the EXACT process of building high-traffic websites as an affiliate marketer for some MAJOR companies. If you've dreamed of working from home and making money using your computer then THIS is the only manual you need!
You can also make very good money by promoting this awesome handbook via his affiliate program. Just click on the link above to go to the website.


10) Affiliate Mistakes - Chuck McCullough
Chuck runs some of the most visited sites on the web. All of his websites are in the top 1% of the millions of sites out there. He has worked very hard to build a solid home business that will be around for many years. So, it is no surprise that he has made the top 10 list.

I really think Chuck is a great person. Even though he has achieved celebrity status on the net he still thinks of himself as a regular guy. Many people get caught up in their fortune and forget where they came from but that is not true with Chuck.

Check out these three recommended products from Mr. McCullough:

Affiliate Mistakes - In 5 minutes you are going to know exactly why more than 97% of businesses are failing online!

Website Traffic System
- Now you can drive insane amounts of traffic to your website!

Search Engine Primer - A step-by-step system to getting top rankings on the search engines...and it's FREE!

He is also doing everything possible to make this one of the best affiliate programs on the net and I think he has done a great job of it so far. You can find the associate program by clicking here


I know, I know... you still want to find some more awesome affiliate programs!
That is exactly why I have added a few more great programs for you to check out.
Bonus Section

      AWeber Autoresponders
If you are planning to be in business for a while then I am guessing you are also planning on building a big one. If that is the case then you are soon going to realize the need for autoresponders. It has been proven many times over that follow-up is the key to successful internet marketing. Once you start getting lots of prospects then manual follow-up becomes impossible. Pretty much everyone with an online home business uses autoresponders and you will too.

Up until recently I was using a different autoresponder service to do my follow-up. Then I came across a bunch of posts on various discussion boards explaining how much better AWeber is than the rest. It seems that these guys get over 85% of emails through while most other services only get 50% or less. They also offer reliable support for all customers and work hard to be the best.

Since just about everyone will need this service when running a business this is not only a must-have yourself, it is also very easy to promote. You can sign up for the AWeber affiliate program here.


Chris Carpenter has written an all-inclusive report on how to earn thousands of dollars writing Google Adwords part-time. You don't even need a website or product to use his system. To sum it up Googlecash gives you everything you need to turn the Google search engine into a cash generating machine on autopilot.

This report shot it's way up to become a #1 seller on clickbank in a very short amount of time. I personally have never used the system but I have heard many positive things from those that have. From what I hear this system really works and isn't very hard to maintain once you get your campaigns going. Right now I just have too many other things going on but I plan on trying it out in the near future.

Click here to find GoogleCash and/or join the free associate program

      Survey Junction
Ok, so you probably won't learn much with this one but you can earn a little. It's simple... you take surveys and you get paid for it. You really do get paid for your opinion and a lot of the surveys are actually pretty fun to take.

I did this for a while last year and made some money. I will admit that I didn't get any of the really high paying surveys sent to me that they are supposed to have. However, I was just getting started in another business opportunity at the time so I didn't do the surveys for long. Maybe if I would have stuck it out a little longer I would have gotten a few.

I did make some extra spending money to use for my recreational activities. Anything you earn by doing this is well worth it considering how easy it is to do the surveys. Most of them only take about five minutes or so to do. I think the longest one I took was about 20 minutes. You won't get rich taking surveys but they are not a bad way to get some extra cash.

You can find the surveys and affiliate program here

Well, That's all folks!

I hope you found my top ten ways for you to earn and learn to be everything you were hoping for and more! Now, what are you waiting for? You have seen the top 10 best affiliate programs now it's time for you to get out there and start making money off of them. Everything you need for your home business is on this page. You could be able to quit your job to be your own boss very soon.

If you have any questions or need anything you can contact me at any time. I am always glad to help anyone achieve their work at home dreams.
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