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The Secret Wealth Formula | From The Business Journal

Is The Secret Wealth Formula A Scam

Well one thing about the scammers in this industry it that they never give up on a successful formula. Instead they just find ways to wrap it up differently. This is the case with The Secret Wealth Formula.

First you should understand that there are very many good and legitimate ways to make money working from home. Unfortunately when there is a good thing someone will always try to use that in order to cheat people.

This is a scam. To find legitimate ways to make money from home visit our Home Page

The Secret Wealth Formula is extremely similar to the Home Revenue Stream. With the home revenue stream you would receive an email with a link to a New 4 Report website or similar. This would then have a lead article about someone from your area that is making several thousand dollars a month working from home.

The way this is accomplished is to pick up your computers IP address and determine your location. Then the website is automatically altered to have that person be from you local area. What this method does is tap into a few things that people inherently trust. The first being the news. If it is on the news it must be true. The second is someone you can identify with, in this case an average person from your area.

They make some quick money on this concept until the get busted out by sites like ours then they just re wrap it and go again.

So now we see The Secret Wealth Formula. Once again you receive an email with a link which takes you to a very respectable site which is a Business Journal. Now of course they still want to get that local vibe so you will notice above the Business Journal it has a City from your local area determined from your IP address.

You will notice though that the actual URL has noting to do with an official business journal but is something similar to home52bizstart. Since the name of the journal is always changing the URL has nothing to do with the name of the business journal.

So you read the official looking business journal which has a lot of articles and such to make it look real, but in fact it is all wrapped around getting you to believe in The Secret Wealth Formula.

So what is the Secret Wealth Formula? Well it is obviously a way for them to get you to pay them some money in the hope that you will be able to make some money working from home.

There really isn’t any need to evaluate what The Secret Wealth Formula is simply due to the fact that it is an obvious scam.

Scam is a word that is used way to freely. You can visit sites such as Scam dot com and a few others and people very quickly label an opportunity a scam that in fact isn’t. Many times people just don’t understand what they are getting into and when they realize it is not just free money they call it a scam.

So why is The Secret Wealth Formula a SCAM? By definition a scam is a swindle by trickery. Fake business journals with false information classifies The Secret Wealth Formula as a SCAM.