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The fact is that Acai aids in weight loss

The fruit known as a Acai Berry isn’t actually a berry at all, it’s a very small and round drupe. This powerful fruit is 1 inch in diameter and looks similar to the more common grape. This drupe is grown in bunches between 800 and 900 little fruits. A healthy tree, usually has two different crops of acai fruit each and every ear. There is a seed inside this “drupe” that takes up 80% of the acai’s volume.

An acai berry is traditionally harvested by the Caboclo populations, who use this food for about 42% of this tribes’ personal intake. Essentially, this Brazilian tribe lives off of the acai berry. Now people have found that acai helps weight loss, and it is becoming very popular indeed.

Once the fruit is harvested, it degrades at a fast rate, which makes it very hard, and sometimes impossible to be exported to other places outside of its surrounding areas. For this specific reason, a consumer can buy acai berries in several different forms like acai preserves, acai supplements, acai pulp and acai juice. The acai supplements can be a great way to aid someone with dieting and Acai Products helps weight loss.

It’s claimed that an acai supplement is able to keep the majority of the nutrients found in the original fruit which is why these supplements are a great way to consume all the goodness of the acai fruit. It is thought that acai helps weight loss. Even without the weight loss properties of acai it is a wonderfully nutritious fruit.

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