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Text Spamming Nightmare

Text Message Blasting

Text message spamming is a much bigger problem than email spam and it’s time to put an end to that problem. Texting and driving has become a huge problem causing traffic accidents in huge numbers. Many states have already made this illegal but it’s still a huge problem.

Another aspect to this is receiving texts while driving. So many people are addicted to their text messaging that they can’t help but look at incoming texts even while driving. This new text blasting and text spamming method of advertising is adding to that problem. It’s annoying enough when it is email but when it comes to your phone it’s a much bigger problem.

I realize that a lot of companies utilize texting to communicate with customers that ask for it, but it’s just not worth the problems that is causes and overall the best solution would be for the service providers to put a stop to text blasting.

The lawsuits have already started for text spamming with Papa Johns being sued for $250 million. People who simply gave their phone number with an order started getting numerous spam messages.

This needs to be nipped in the bud. The problem will only get worse. The best solution is for service providers to monitor for numerous duplicate messages being blasted and stop them cold. The companies that are legitimately communicating with customers can find another way.

Text blasting is only going to get worse. It’s actually in the phone companies best interest to put a stop to it right now. If you texts start blowing up with spam like your email does eventually text messaging becomes useless and annoying and you stop the service. If they don’t want to lose customers they need to stop it now.