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Steve Jobs and Al Davis | Gone but not forgotten

Looking back at the year 2011 the passing of two entrepreneurs stands out as two people that every entrepreneur can learn the most valuable lessons.

Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple. Very few people have changed the world as much as Steve Jobs. The products he created with Apple are definitely a huge benefit to the home based business entrepreneur. When it comes to computers the one thing you don’t want to do is waste time fighting with your computer. The Mac is huge for anyone who just wants to use the tool. The communication capabilities brought forth with the iPhone and iPad have significantly improved the ability to work from anywhere. The ease at which everyday people can create videos, audios, slideshows and such have been a leap forward for the individual marketer.

Apple was the ultimate home based business being started in the house and garage of Steve Job’s parents. Steve Jobs was a great visionary and someone that can teach us all lessons on success.

Steve Jobs was a great visionary and he was also a perfectionist. He didn’t compromise in his beliefs even when 95% of the world was telling him he was wrong by buying open architecture PC’s instead of the MAC.

The most valuable lesson I believe we can learn from Steve Jobs is from persistence in making his vision become a reality. Set your goal and don’t stop until you reach your goals.

The second entrepreneur that passed in 2011 that we can also learn a valuable lesson from is Al Davis owner of the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis certainly didn’t change the world on a scale of Steve Jobs, but he was a driving force in what the NFL has become.

Love him or hate him, Al Davis was a man who didn’t waiver in his beliefs. Many people don’t know that Al Davis was played a very significant role in the formation of the AFL and then the merger of the NFL and AFL.

Al Davis wasn’t your typical NFL team owner. His famous catch phrase “Just win baby” says a lot about his approach to achieving the main goal. The thing about Al Davis is that he not only wanted to win, he wanted to do it his way. Al Davis owned the team and hired coaches, but he insisted they play his kind of football. Maybe his catch phrase should have been “Just win my way baby”.

The Oakland Raiders did win his way, but they also had some dismal years. Al Davis had confidence in his style of football and he stuck to it. You may have heard the phrase “Successful people make up their minds quickly and change their minds slowly”. Al Davis embodied that principle of success.