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States Seceding From The Union

Is the “We The People” movement a Civil War brewing?

Petitions have been filed for states to secede from the Union with Texas leading the charge. Will it happen? Not hardly and they won’t be starting a civil war. More likely this is the beginning of a modern day revolutionary war.

The modern day revolution won’t be guns and bombs but Americans are demanding change from the federal government.

The secession petitions are a knee jerk reaction by the GOP to Obama’s re-election. The fact is that our government is no longer “A Government of the people, by the people and for the people that President Lincoln promised would not perish in the Gettysburg Address.

Instead it has become a government of the politicians, by the bit money corporations and for their own best interests.

Politicians get elected by spending lots of money in campaigns. That money comes to them with an agenda. If politicians want to get re-elected they do what is best for the “donors” an not what is in the best interest of the “PEOPLE”.

It’s time for a major reform of our governments spending. It’s time for the government to focus on the problems here in this country and not around the world.

We The People must demand this from our government and hold them accountable. We do hold the power. That is in our votes. If the government refuses to cut the spending and stop raising our taxes then we should band together and vote them out.

Forget party lines. If they don’t take action next election we should vote out every single incumbent.