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Smart Media Technologies | Smart Media Desktop

Smart Media Technologies is the company behind the Smart Media Desktop. This is a very interesting mix. First there is the business opportunity with the desktop as the product. Second is the product. This mix is what makes this so interesting. Combining a business opportunity with a product that is a must have for anybody in the home business industry is very unique.

Generally most network marketing companies have very strict rules concerning members participating in other network marketing opportunities. Smart Media Technologies has taken the exact opposite approach. The Smart Media Desktop is a great product for any computer user in this day and age but is also geared for network marketers. Brilliant in that it is the perfect tool for anyone in any network marketing business.

The Smart Media Desktop is definitely a perfect product for today’s computer users. With the constant evolution of operating software and applications, a real need exists for a good training and support platform. Social networking sites are dominating the internet and of course they all have a learning curve. This is just one of many training programs available in the Smart Media Desktop. Need to learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Gmail? The desktop contains step by step videos for everything from setting up, using and event how to promote your business with the network marketing tools.

Everybody runs into problems with their computers and getting any customer support to assist is more frustrating than the problem. Not only does the Smart Media Desktop have numerous videos on how to … for you computer but the ability to have live online support if a huge boon. This includes interactive help for your computer and even live one on one instruction. Utilizing the online interactive help the support person and actually take over the operation of your computer and troubleshoot your issues.

The Smart Media Desktop also contains the My University section with online courses from history to high level mathematics. Definitely a perfect application for High School and College Students.

Beyond the obvious advantage of the online training for marketing and using social networks and everyday tools, the additional benefits to network marketers includes the ability to brand yourself and your business. This is a powerful tool for building and growing you home based business.

The ability to download software and games without fear of viruses makes this a must have for everyone.

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