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Sisel International Home Business Review

Sisel International Review

 Sisel is our top rated home business opportunity. Unlike most of the so called “Home Business Opportunities” we review, Sisel is a true home business opportunity with unparalleled products and income potential.

As a business opportunity, Sisel excels with a huge product line and the highest paying compensation plan in the industry. For anyone serious about making a huge income working from home, Sisel is the best opportunity to arrive in decades.

The Reason SISEL Is The Top Rated Opportunity Is The Products And The Company That Makes Them! Click On The Link Below And You Can See Why SISEL Will Be The Highest Money Making Home Business In History.

SISEL products best in the Industry

In Real Estate it’s “Location, Location, Location”. In the home business industry it’s “Timing, Timing” Timing”.

What you will come to learn about SISEL is that they are the best financed and solid company with the best products and compensation plan to ever startup in the home business industry. The first significant “Timing” is the ability to get started early in this company. There is no doubt that SISEL will be around for decades to come and could very well become the most successful home based business opportunity of all times.

Consider the Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware and yes even Amway. These companies have created numerous millionaires. Most of those millionaires were people who got started early in the company. The potential customer base is wide open. Now is the time to get started to create true wealth with a SISEL home business.

Most of the home business opportunities available today rely completely on recruitment of new distributors. Meaning that the company doesn’t offer products that will be purchased by retail customers only. Sisel has a huge product line that can be sold as very easily to people looking for just such products and not a business opportunity.

The Company:

Sisel was founded by Tom Morrow Sr. Tom is a billionaire scientist who built the largest manufacturing facility of it’s kind. Owning their own manufacturing a research facility allows Sisel to produce the highest quality products and still allow the affiliates to earn the highest compensation available.

Sisel is a completely debt free company. This is very significant since it means they own “outright” a manufacturing facility that is over 400,000 square feet and have more than a dozen research scientists on staff. Where most companies have to pay a manufacturer to produce their products, Sisel does not. This is what allows Sisel to produce higher quality products at better prices.

The Market: The Second Timing:

Most people have become aware that our industrial society is killing us. Products that we use on a daily basis are often to cause for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Diabetes and many others. Even the bottled water we drink are in containers that are poisoning us. The food we eat no longer has the nutrients we require to remain healthy and yes we are becoming a society of obesity.

The demand for these products is escalating NOW. The “Timing” for the SISEL safe products couldn’t be better. 

Sisel manufactures the same products you use daily but without the toxins. In fact the Sisel Safe products are packaged in non toxic containers. Sisel also produces the best quality nutritional products available. When it comes to nutritional products, they are not all created equal. For example resveratrol is a very popular supplement, but if not formulated correctly the active ingredients are nullified.

Sisel is a company that can be trusted to produce quality products in their manufacturing facility with their on site research scientists. Utilizing the direct selling business model coupled with SISEL’s manufacturing facility allows SISEL the unique ability to create the highest quality products utilizing ingredients that are cost prohibitive to most nutritional and personal care product manufacturers.

 The Baby Boomer Bubble:

Baby Boomers are the huge population growth of people born between 1946 and 1964. This bubble of people has been responsible for the explosive growth in industries associated with their aging process. Examples include the overnight successes of major toy companies to the real estate boom as the Boomers moved into the housing market and even to the financial monster of viagra.

Fortunes have been made by people that were positioned at the beginning of the bubble. Now the boomers are retiring and aging. With this comes all the typical health related issues.

In short the Boomers are now seeking to improve their deteriorating health and slow the aging process. 

The Final “Timing”, SISEL is perfectly positioned with the products and income opportunity to allow individuals to capitalize on the Boomer bubble and create fortunes or just an additional income stream.

 The Products:

Not only does Sisel excel when comparing the products to any other products in the home business, the product line also excels compared to any products commercially available.

For a home business the extensive line of top quality products is a huge plus. The Sisel product line has something for everyone. In addition a new distributor can start their business by simply purchasing products from Sisel that they already regularly purchase. This includes anything from toothpaste to nail care. The difference being that the Sisel Safe products don’t contain the toxic ingredients that have been linked to numerous health care concerns.

 The Most Significant Product:

This one product alone would make SISEL our top rated opportunity.

TS-X: In 2009 three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for their research into Telomeres. Although telomeres, whose constant degradation causes aging, have been researched for many years, these three scientist’s discoveries lead to the ability to actually reverse aging.

This research is the basis of TS-X a product which provides support to the telomeres whose resurgence  results in reversing biological aging.

See the ABC News report below.

TS-X is one of the most significant products in the last century but only one of the products in the Sisel product line. Scroll through the product catalog below.


Getting Started as a Distributor or Customer:

Preferred Customer:

If you only want to purchase products and don’t intend to refer anybody else to the SISEL products then signing up as a preferred customer is the way to go.

There is no charge to become a preferred customer. Just go to the SISEL Website and click on the button on the bottom left that says “Shop Now”. On the next page choose your country and Preferred Customer.

As a preferred customer you receive a 20% rebate towards future purchases. Basically if you purchase $20 worth of product you receive a $4 credit towards future purchases. So if you don’t intend to take advantage of the business opportunity, then Preferred customer is the way to get the best price on the products.(When purchasing the system will pre select a monthly autoship. You do not have to sign up for autoship.)


Go to the Website and click on the button at that says become a SISEL Brand partner. Choose distributor and your country on the next page. Select the products you want to order and you are in business. As a distributor you will want to sign up for autoship. Keep in mind you can alter your autoship order anytime you like.

Commercial Member:

This does not apply to most people. There are commercial accounts available to businesses that simply want to sell the Slender Pops at retail.

Compensation Plan:

SISEL has the highest payout of any legitimate home business company. They pay out a true 67% to the distributors.

 Fast Start Bonuses:

When a new distributor gets started the sponsor receives 30% of the total BV ordered. When a new preferred customers signs up the Enrolling sponsor receives 40%.


There are a few levels of bonuses that are paid out depending you level of qualification (as your business grows you advance in qualification). There is no breakage in the compensation plan. Most companies will absorb the extra income when a distributor is not qualified. SISEL does not collect that income. That is passed up to the next qualified person.

SISEL is unique in it’s ability to offer such high commissions as they are the product manufacturer.

Get all the details of the compensation plan in the PDF.

Marketing Tools:

 “DING DONG Avon calling”

Chances are you don’t want to go door to door selling your products. (if you do SISEL does have a full line of brochures). SISEL is set up for the current internet marketing society including social networking.
A HUGE advantage to being with a well financed company (debt free and owned by a billionaire) is the ability to create the marketing tools you need. Each distributor not only gets their own replicated website but also all the auto responders, contact management and lead capture pages you could need. SISEL has really taken advantage of the online media. Numerous video’s on both product and opportunity and a very unique Sisel Disc system that allows the user to select 5 videos out of dozens to present to anyone interested in the products or business opportunity.


SISEL has great products. Products you should be purchasing. You know that the products you use on a daily basis are killing you. Every one know that and they ignore it because it is easier. They ignore it right up to the time they get Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes or some other die seas the people didn’t get a hundred years ago. It’s easy to ignore it and then blame the government of the product manufacturers later. You have a choice to purchase safe products now or suffer later.

Everybody also knows that the food we produce no longer contains the nutrients we need to maintain our health. So you also know you need to take good quality supplements. SISEL provides the best quality products available.

Knowing all that it is easy to see there is a HUGE opportunity with SISEL. This is the perfect network marketing opportunity. Purchase the products and tell people you know and you will not only get your products free but also make a residual income. Treat it as a business and you could earn a six figure or even seven figure income.