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Residual Cash Ads Review

Residual Cash Ads Review

Residual Cash Ads does not appear to be a legitimate income opportunity.

Residual Cash Ads is a money making scheme and probably should be classified as a pyramid scheme. Basically you put money in and wait for others to do the same and you make money.

No listed retail product: The biggest distinguishing  key between a legitimate network marketing opportunity and a pyramid scheme is the presence of a product. Residual Cash Ads does not appear to have a product and therefore would be a pyramid scheme.

Another glaring issue with Residual Cash Ads is the compensation plan. In this case they are using a 2 by 1 forced matrix. In itself there is no problem with that. The problem comes when a person cycles and is automatically re entered into the matrix. To be compliant with federal regulations every time you enter a matrix you must receive a product. The reason behind this regulation is that you aren’t getting re entered for free. Some of the money earned on the previous cycle is used to purchase your position. With money going in and no product being distributed it is classified as a money game.

Residual Cash Ads could be a scam but definitely isn’t legitimate.