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Quarterback Controversy in San Francisco Growing

Kaepernick vs Smith Controversy

The Quarterback controversy in San Francisco is growing fast. The first start for Colin Kaepernick on Monday Night Football didn’t do anything to quiet the Kaepernick supporters. In fact quite the opposite happened on Monday Night.

With backup quarterbacks starting for both teams against two of the best defenses in the league , the 49ers-Bears game was expected to be low scoring. For the Bears that was the case but Colin Kaepernick shredded the much vaunted Chicago defense.

Kaepernick threw for 243 yards leading to a 37-7 point victory for the San Francisco 49ers. Smith was definitely a huge part of that victory. Not Alex Smith but the dynamic duo of Justin and Aldon Smith. These two guys working together had Bears backup Quarterback Jason Campbell running for his life all night long. Aldon Smith recorded 5.5 sacks and is now the season sack leader with 14 this year.

One of the best arguments for making Kaepernick the starter is the stellar defense of the San Francisco 49ers. With that defense and the ever increasing effectiveness of the Dynamic Smith Duo you can afford to take a risk on offense. A rookie quarterback is bound to make some rookie mistakes, but when your defense and special teams are arguably the best in the league they can keep you in the game.

Any 49er fan that watched that game will tell you that was the most exciting game since Jeff Garcia was quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. Colin Kaepernick has a stronger arm and is a huge rushing threat as well. He brings the ability to make big plays that Alex Smith just doesn’t have.

Sometimes to win the big game you have to take some chances. The 49er offense has been adequate and could possibly win the big game with a strong showing by the defense. With Colin Kaepernick there is an actual possibility of an explosive offense.

Typically in a rookie’s first start the team goes with a limited play set that relies strongly on the rushing attack to keep it simple for the rookie quarterback. As Jon Gruden pointed out that was not the case. The 49ers had so many different offensive lineups that not even Gruden had seen them all.

Vernon Davis is probably secretly hoping for the QB change as he had his best outing of the season. Coach Harbaugh was very non-committal after the game stating that he goes with the guy with the hot hand and both quarterbacks have a hot hand.

My opinion is it’s best to allow Alex Smith an additional week to recover and let the quarterback controversy in San Francisco bloom.