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Profit Boost Institute – Another Scam?

Profit Boost Institute Review

I’ll put it very bluntly. Profit Boost Institute is a SCAM. You’ll find we very rarely call income opportunities SCAMS. Even is the opportunity is a illegal pyramid or ponzi scheme it still might not be a SCAM. Profit Boost Institute is a SCAM.

What makes Profit Boost Institute a SCAM? Well it comes down to deception. This isn’t even a new SCAM. They just keep changing the name of the same old scam. We have reviewed this same deceptive practice many times with Home Cash Profits, eProfits, Home Revenue System and more.

They put up a site that says it is a reputable news site. In this latest go around it In fact if you click on the menus they will take you to the actual sections of But on the page with Profit Boost Institute look closely at the url. While it does in fact have msnbc in the url the actual domain something following it like this with the ending it is a completely different domain.

In summary there are many legitimate ways to make money online. Profit Boost Institute right off the bat is lying to you and whenever a company leads by deception you should run.

Contributed by one of our readers:

“Call 888-201-0028 to get your money refunded from Profit Boost Institute. I called my bank to dispute the charge and they said this number showed up when the company charged my account. I would also advise you to change your card number with the bank so PBI can’t scam you out of any more money!”