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Pro Elite | Carbon Copy Pro Review

Pro Elite

Carbon Copy Pro has evolved and is changing to Pro Elite. Initially Carbon Copy Pro was developed to be a marketing tool to promote Wealth Masters International. Carbon Copy Pro parted ways with Wealth Masters International and when through a few changes in direction before settling on ProElite.

Carbon Copy Pro initially was a duplicating type of capture page with follow up information. This was accomplished as a funded proposal system. Along with the marketing pages came other services such as a call center.

Carbon Copy Pro also began providing training and some marketing services. These services included press releases and article writing for new members. These marketing services didn’t achieve much success due to the numerous amount of people with the exact same marketing methods and pages. Positioning in google is all about unique content.

Pro Elite left behind the marketing of external products and instead focuses on training. Pro Elite products are all about training. Learning how to market is essential for success in the home business industry. So obviously a good direction for Carbon Copy Pro to focus on training.

We don’t have any direct experience with the Pro Elite products and training, but we can say they do have years of experience in internet marketing. Success in a home business does require learning about marketing. The home based business industry is a great opportunity for people to greatly exceed their earning potential as an employee. The knowledge required is available from various sources and doesn’t’ require years to be able to earn a significant income.

Any money spent on learning how to market is simply and investment in your future. As an income opportunity… time will tell.