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Power Of 31 | Gratitude Candle Company Home Business Review

Power Of 31

The Power Of 31 is a network marketing company built around the Gratitude Candle Company. The Power Of 31 is a legitimate home business opportunity founded by Jennifer Ballinger out of Medina Tennessee.

The Power Of 31 brings to light some very interesting facts. This is a fresh concept in bringing candle sales to network marketing. Network marketing as a home based business has been the dominant model for decades. The business model of network marketing has been under utilized. We are starting to see more and more product manufacturers promoting and selling their products through the network marketing home business model.

One very interesting comment made during the presentation is in reference to Onex. Onex is an entry level program that has experienced huge growth with it’s low cost $5 startup. Onex is in itself a lead in to Qlxchange. The Power Of 31 presentation states that if you are already in Onex you should follow your sponsor into Power Of 31. There is no apparent connection between Power Of 31 and OneX. It would appear that the founder of Power Of 31 is either a member with a large team or is simply tapping into the success of Onex.

This in itself is a new and refreshing trend in the Network Marketing home business industry. In the past many companies have enforced strict rules against any member promoting other opportunities. The reality in the industry is that most marketers do market multiple products and opportunities. It’s great to see companies embracing the concept.  There are a lot of great products being marketed via network marketing home businesses. If all network marketers would purchase products from other network marketers instead of corporations it would benefit the entire industry.

If candles appeals to you as a network marketing product line then Power of 31 is a good choice.