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Paid To Place Profits | Smarter Lifestyles SCAM

Paid To Place Profits

If you are wondering whether or not Paid To Place Profits is a SCAM then you are in the right place. It indeed is a SCAM. We have reported on this same scam under many different names. Paid To Place with SmarterLifestyles is the latest rewrap of the same that brought us the Secret Wealth Formula and Home Wealth Formula.

NOTE: There are plenty of  legitimate home based business opportunities available. Read about them on this site.

Here is typically what you will see. You receive an email about a single mother, in this case named Kathy Garcia, in which you are told about how she makes $4,000 a month from home. There is a link to click. This new version takes you to a site called SmarterLifestyles with a feature about Kathy Garcia and how she makes money from home.

You have many opportunities to click on the link for Paid To Place which then takes you to a site called Paid To Place Profits. This site is identical the the previous SCAM sites like Home Revenue Stream.

All the stories and comments on the Smarter Lifestyles site are fabrication. The idea is to convince you that Paid To Place Profits as a legitimate opportunity but whenever someone uses deception to get your money then that is the definition of being Scammed.

Yes there are a lot of people that make money working from home. You can read reviews of many legitimate home business opportunities by starting on our home page. A good article to start with is about How To Choose A Home Business.

Paid To Place Profits, Smarter LifeStyles are Scams