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Organo Gold The Results Are In

Organo Gold is taking the industry by storm.

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We have just completed our review of Organo Gold and what we have discovered is amazing. Organo Gold is an opportunity that promotes healthy coffee. At a glance that may not sound significant but as it turns out it is huge. It does actually come down to the product, but not just because of the obvious reasons that people drink coffee. Organo Gold does offer a full line of coffee products, black, latte, mocha as well as tea and hot chocolate, but the real thrust is the Ganoderma.

Ganoderma is known as the King of Herbs, which has been utilized by the Chinese for 5000 years. Being so rare it was reserved for royalty and valued higher than gold. Not Organo Gold has arranged a supply of organic Ganoderma for their exclusive product line. They chose the primary method of delivery to be coffee, tea and hot chocolate, but also offer capsules, face cream and toothpaste with more on the horizon.

With just the product alone you are now hitting two huge markets, Coffee the second most traded commodity in the world to oil, and Ganoderma a health product. Health products are a huge market and a vast number of network marketing companies are based solely on health products.

Now how does this change the game in network marketing. That really comes down to two things. First is the consumable product. Network marketing was founded on the principle of consumable product that are re ordered on a monthly basis. Initially these were going to use anyway such as soaps and detergents. But in recent years with the diversity of products the reality has become closets and garages full of product. So they quite ordering the product. But people don’t quite drinking their coffee. So the members actually consume the product on a daily basis. Also the product itself is the marketing tool. Unlike typical health products you can pass out samples of the coffee and get immediate results. The sampler can taste the coffee. Along with the tasting most notice a big difference in how they feel immediately although the long term health benefits are not immediately registered. Also they can notice that unlike their regular coffee, the Organo Gold is not acidic. So you don’t have this huge build up of product in your garage. Members consume it, pass it out as samples and sell it at retail.

This leads to the second major factor the product makes in the business, the system. With Organo Gold members simply share the coffee with other people. Then let them know they can purchase it, get it free or make money by sharing it with other people. This is something anybody can do and doesn’t require a master marketer. And the results have proven this many times over.
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Organo Gold Information

The results are staggering. In the short time that Organo Gold has been in business there are already Coffee Millionaires. Most impressive is the number of people with absolutely no previous experience or success in the home business industry earning multiple six figure incomes. The majority of their diamond members earning is excess of $50,000 per month had no previous experience and no real money to speak of prior to starting with Organo Gold.

Organo Gold has also attracted members such as Danny Glover from lethal weapon who became a distributor to help other people after his mother experienced the health benefits of the Ganoderma in Organo Gold. Pro Bowl wider receiver and multimillionaire Rod Smith is already a diamond level distributor who also began his efforts as a way to give back and help other people in these tough financial times.