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Organo Gold Review

Organo Gold


Pro: Organo Gold is a company based on selling a healthier coffee. They have had huge growth. The real strength of Organo Gold lies in their products. Coffee is a very popular beverage and if you are into coffee this may be the business for you.

Cons: Organo Gold has a very limited product line. Basically Ganoderma with various coffee delivery methods.  Organo Gold relies on home tasting parties and don’t provide effective online marketing tools or training. On the nutritional side they have relied very heavily on only one chinese herb. The company owner and master marketers have bad reputations in the Industry.


What really sets Organo Gold apart from the other home business opportunities we have ever reviewed is actual retail product sales. With opportunities like Organo Gold people are actually making money with retail product sales.  The reality in the network marketing industry is that people only purchase the products for the opportunity and only make an income by promoting the business opportunity.

The product is the key to the  success Organo Gold distributors have enjoyed. The re-order rate of the product from both retail customers and active distributors is very good . Weather you are looking for an to build a network marketing business or a just a product to sell Organo Gold fits the bill. A consumable product is a great product in the home based business industry. To make money from home it is a great benefit to build a customer base that continuously re-orders products. There are many home business opportunities that have consumable products, but most of them don’t have a product that people actually consume. They just order for the business requirement. That is a recipe for a long hard struggle. Organo Gold has products that people will continue to consume even if they don’t work the business side. It’s coffee and it’s even healthier. Imagine if your coffee made you feel good! Oh and for the none coffee drinkers the do have other products for you to enjoy as well. But here is the thing. Coffee at a convenience store costs about $2 a cup now. Black Organo Gold only 50 cents. How about a $5 latte or mocha from Startbucks? Does 75 cents sound better?


The Organo Gold products all contain 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma is also referred to as the King of Herbs used by the Chinese for over 5000 years and was once reserved for emperors and valued more than gold. The health benefits attributed to Ganoderma are far to numerous to list here, but there are thousands of pages on the internet with information on the subject. Some of the most significant reported benefits and medical research includes increased immune system, anti aging, anti oxidant, weight loss and most significantly in battling cancer and HIV.

The delivery system is what makes Organo Gold stand out, Coffee. While coffee is the primary product line others include Hot Chocolate, Tea, Capsules, Face Cream and even Toothpaste amongst others. Coffee is the number two traded commodity next to oil and second highest consumed beverage below only water.


The marketing plan with Organo Gold is simple. Buy the coffee and give out samples. This does make for a very duplicable system. The key is that the product is good or the sample process would flop. A member can hand out the Organo Gold samples, have people over for coffee or send out Organo Gold sample via the mail. Compensation Plan: The compensation plan for Organo Gold provides a good fast start bonus and a typical MLM structure compensation package.