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Organo Gold Product Oriented Business

Organo Gold

Organo Gold has experienced huge growth over the past couple of years. Sure people get started in any business for the money, but Organo Gold has stayed the course of relying on the product to expand the business.

Organo Gold is a prime example of what the home business model can really expand the product sales for any product as opposed to the standard franchise business.

Organo Gold started with the concept of simply sharing the product with other people and let them either become customers or distributors. The fact is that people will always drink coffee so why not get it cheaper and make money as well. The addition of Ganoderma is really a bonus. The potential health benefits added to the fact that the Organo Gold isn’t acidic as opposed to normal coffee.

The bottom line is that people like the coffee, both the taste and how it makes them feel. The convince of the sachet style packaging pots it in the same category as Starbucks via. A single serving of black Organo Gold is half the price of the Starbucks Via.