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OneX Qlxchange release LEAP

Qlxchange release LEAP for OneX

Qlxchange has released the much anticipate LEAP program with the PowerX marketing system. OneX has achieved amazing results for a simple $5 entry program that previously didn’t include a marketing system.

Qlxchange has just released the LEAP program for OneX which includes a full service marketing system. OneX has a very unique setup for the cost of the system. First built into the program is automatic advancement in the matrix and cash bonuses for sponsors.

What is really unique is the pricing of the system. Generally marketing systems are setup as a monthly fee or as a one time up front cost. Onex has the PowerX marketing system setup as a one time cost but they don’t charge the fee all up front. By paying just $49 one time your system is activated and the balance will only come out of commissions earned. Your remaining balance is tracked and out of all commissions earned %50 is paid towards that debt until paid off.

It’s refreshing to see a company that not only has confidence in their program but are willing to put their money where their mouth is by fronting the system and only requiring payment from your earnings.