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Neucopia Review

Neucopia Review

Neucopia was created by Rich Cook in 2012. Neucopia is a legitimate income opportunity but personally not one I would promote for the income opportunity. Neucopia products are internet marketing training and tools. If you are going to succeed in making money online you will have to learn to market online. Spending money on tools and training to learn how to market is never a mistake. The people that spend money and time to learn how to market online are the ones that have success. So joining Neucopia for the tools and training could be a good move for the budding entrepreneur.

Neucopia Accelerator Plus Compensation Plan:

A lot of people have touted the Neucopia compensation plan as being a powerful compensation plan but for me it is the main reason I wouldn’t promote the Neucopia income opportunity.

The compensation plan is based on a 2 up compensation plan also referred to as an Aussie 2 up. In a 2 up compensation plan you pay to get started then your first 2 sales are passed up to your sponsor. You don’t get paid until you make your third sale. Opportunities that utilize a 2 up compensation plan never last. New marketers are in a learning process and it generally takes time for them to make their first few sales. A huge percentage of people never make it through that process and quit. You see this over and over again and companies that utilize the 2 up plan have short life spans.

Neucopia has two levels. The basic membership is $49.95 per month. With that you get access to the basic membership products. These are training and tools to utilize in marketing online. At the basic level you must pass up your first two sales and then on your third you get $25 for the sale and then $25 per month as long as the person continues to pay $49.95 per month. Honestly I don’t see what the value is in a monthly subscription once you have already received the products. All you receive out of the $49.95 is $25?? It’s an electronically delivered product and the person making the sale receives only 50%.

The basic level membership for Neucopia really seems to be just a bait and switch thing. You see when someone joins the premier level they are automatically qualified at the basic level which means they not only won’t be paying the $49.95 per month but they won’t be passing up any new members to you. Nobody will continue to pay the $49.95 per month. They will either upgrade to premier or cancel.

So the Neucopia opportunity is only about the Premier Level. Once again this is a 2 up. When you join at the premier level you pay $269.95 and then $169.95 per month. After you pass up 2 sales you will get $200 on a new sale and $100 per month. With a 2 up when you pass up those first two sales you also pass up the people. This means when they pass up their first two it’s not to you it’s to the person you passed them too. In an attempt to alleviate the inherit problems of the ill fated 2 up compensation plan they have added in a 10% matching bonus on anyone you sponsored.

In summary I won’t say the products and training from Neocopia aren’t worth the money since knowledge is the key to earning online, but as an income opportunity it’s a a dog.