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Motor Club Of America Review

Motor Club Of America Wants To Pay You

If you are searching for a legitimate way to make money from home, then Motor Club Of America is for you. Without a doubt the most legitimate home based business opportunity

The Oklahoma Secretary of State, Senator Glenn Coffee, wants to pay you to work from home.

Instead of just talking about the bad economy, like most politicians, Senator Coffee put his money where his mouth is and took action to help people earn money working from home.

In fact many people have taken the offer and are earning $1,500 to $4,500 and more every week!

First Senator Coffee purchased the Motor Club Of America. The emergency roadside assistance now exceeds that of AAA. Since so many employers are no longer providing Medical, Dental and Vision insurance, MCA membership now includes huge discounts for those services.

Motor Club Of America has been AAA’s biggest competitor since 1926 and is currently owned by the Oklahoma Secretary Of State Senator Glenn Coffee. So you can rest assured this is a 100% legitimate income opportunity.

The cost for joining is just under $40 which pays your first two months MCOA membership. Every person you refer to Motor Club Of America you get paid $80. There is additional income from override commissions that can far exceed your personal efforts.

A simple and effective marketing system assists you in referring members. Simply copy, paste and post prewritten ads to a myriad of social networking and advertising sites provided in the step by step instructions.

Motor Club Of America Review:

The Motor Club Of America, AAA’s biggest competitor, has been providing roadside service since 1926. The Motor Club Of America is owned by the Oklahoma Secretary Of State Glenn Coffee. The Motor Club Of America affiliate program is paying numerous people over $1000 a week and pays $80 for every new member referred.

The simple copy, paste and post marketing system allows anyone to work from home and earn a significant weekly income.

Becoming an affiliate with Motor Club Of America is probably the easiest way to make money online.

You’ve probably heard of Motor Club Of America before if not then you are probably familiar with their competition AAA. The Motor Club Of America supplies the same type of Roadside assistance and actually surpasses the coverage of AAA.

Well they recently opened up an affiliate program that anyone in the United States or Canada can earn a good income by referring members to The Motor Club Of America. For every member that you refer to them that purchases the Total Security Plan for less than $20 per month you receive $80. There is additional compensation as well that comes from commission overrides from the people that you refer. In fact that can turn into some serious income. Even so receiving $80 for each referral is good.

Motor Club Of America Company Overview:

The Motor Club Of America was founded in 1926 but was later purchased as a division of TVC Marketing. They hold an A+ rating with the BBB.

Oklahoma Secretary Of State Owner of Motor Club Of AmericaTVC Marketing is owned by The Secretary Of State for Oklahoma Glenn Coffee.

Secretary of State – Glenn Coffee
Elected as an Oklahoma State Senator in 1998. Mr. Coffee has held a variety of position throughout the years and now serves as Secretary Of State.
NOTE: It’s always tough to determine if Income Opportunities you find on the Internet are legitimate but not when the company is owned by such a well known Secretary Of State.

Motor Club Of America Business Model:

The Motor Club Of America has opened and Affiliate program. This is really brilliant. If a member refers a new member that subscribes for only $19.95 a month that person receives a $80 commission.
At first glance that might sound ridiculous but it makes perfect sense. Any company that provides a ongoing service, such as AAA or insurance companies for example, have a cost of customer acquisition. That is what it costs them in advertising to acquire a new customer. That cost is always much more than the first month’s payment. In fact if they were to do all the promoting on their own the cost to acquire a new customer would be hundreds of dollars. They can do this because the continue collecting monthly. So by paying individuals an $80 commission they have greatly cut their cost of acquisition.
Second this really ignites their membership growth. Not only do they take advantage to the social networking boom but also will gain a lot members just due to the income opportunity.
Since they provide more service than AAA and the pay referral commissions many people will be switching.

Compare the coverage of AAA vs. Motor Club Of America.

AAA Vs Motor Club Of America