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Microsoft Surface RT Review

Microsoft Surface Review

The Surface has a slightly smaller screen than the iPad. Although it’s pretty good it isn’t as good as the iPad

Not light by any means but has a good kickstand and easy to attach keyboard.

The Surface came out of the box with a Touch Cover and a Type Cover keyboard which meant that I could get a good comparison of how the two performed.

It comes with a touch cover and type cover keyboard. Which you prefer definitely varies. The type cover is more traditional with mechanical like action whereas the touch cover is more like an on screen type of keyboard. One would assume people would gravitate toward the familiar mechanical action but most seem to prefer the touch cover.

The front facing camera is excellent for video call. It does have the rear camera as well but why would you really use a tablet for photos. The mini hdmi and usb ports are handy as well.

The Surface has reasonably good battery life but is bit tricky to attach to the charger.

The Surface is a pretty good piece of hardware but lacks native apps. Better to consider it more of a very portable PC than a tablet.

Personally I wouldn’t By the Surface RT right now, but as apps develop maybe the pro version?