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Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana Legalized In Two States

Two states have passed propositions to legalize Marijuana, Colorado and Washington. This is a significant step towards legalizing marijuana but don’t book your plane ticket just yet.

It’s actually against federal law to sell marijuana although they have yet to enforce those laws against those that sell medicinal marijuana.

No doubt the flood gates have been cracked open and gauntlet thrown. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper says the people have spoken and he intends to follow their wishes but it will take some time. However once Washington and Colorado successfully begin retail sales of marijuana for recreational use, many states will be taking note.

Consider Nevada for example. Nevada relies heavily on income from tourists and the revenue generated by gambling. With the combination of a down economy and casinos opening on Indian reservations, Nevada economy is struggling. Of course legalizing Marijuana will greatly increase the number of tourists visiting the stat and provide a huge income from the taxes associated.

The Washington plan taxes the growers %25 when they sell to processors and the processors again when they sell to retailers and again at retail. Estimates are 500 Million dollars per year in revenue.

Of course Nevada would probably see a much greater revenue due to the huge increase in tourism. Nevada economy has suffered so much that there is talk of implementing state income tax. My guess is if the option is state income tax of legalize marijuana there won’t be state income tax.

The reality is that it is time for the Federal government to take action. People have been smoking marijuana for centuries and they aren’t going to stop. It’s estimated that around 10 billion dollars a year is wasted in a battle that can’t possibly be won. Couple that with the close to a million trials a year and the ongoing incarceration of marijuana offenders and the numbers get staggering.

Legalizing marijuana would save tax payers an estimated 10 billion dollars a year and the estimated income from legal marijuana production and sales at the government level is close to another 10 billion dollars.

It’s time for the government to act responsibly with our tax dollars and quite wasting money on trying to control what people do in the privacy of their own homes.

Probably the most impelling reason to legalize marijuana is to quit putting money into the hands of the criminal element. It’s easier for underage kids to get marijuana than it is to get alcohol. There is not rules when it’s already illegal. So we end up putting money in the hands of criminals. Do you like the idea of financing gangs? Sell pot buy guns kill people.

America was founded based in individual liberties. The purpose of laws is to protect the individual liberties and not to allow the few to make laws based on their own beliefs if the outcome does not affect the masses.

People it is your choice. Do you want the government to continue to increase your taxes and waste that hard earned money on yet another war they can’t win, won’t win and even if they did would gain us nothing. Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it?