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iPad choking PC Business

iPad replacing laptops?

How many different computers have you owned? It’s probably astounding when you compare that to how long you have owned a computer at all.

It seems the minute you buy a new computer it’s already a relic. Seriously a two year old computer never seems to meet the system requirements for the latest software.

This has been a huge boon for the manufacturers of computers. Not only do they get the new customers but it seems almost like a residual income stream from all of the upgrading customers.

For the first time in years that cycle has taken a huge downturn. Why? The iPad is the culprit. Since most tablet users spend more of their recreational time on their iPad’s they feel less of a bite out or not having the most current software on their computers.

As for business use, most of the need for laptops while traveling is generally some light work and heavy on communications. The iPad and even smart phones are providing a lot of that functionality so many companies aren’t sending the road warrior off with laptops.

An added kicker is the cloud storage. Don’t need those huge hard drives with all your files when you can access them via the cloud with your iPad.

People will still be replacing their PC’s faster than their cars but even extending that cycle a year or two means millions of dollars in downward revenue for hardware makers.

Who knows what will happen in the next year? Every advancement means huge changes in the way people compute. For example a new chip development could bring 3D hand gestures to your computer. Imagine leaving your computer at home when you are used to having it react to the virtual movements of you hand. That would be like changing channels on your TV without remote.