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Internet Income University Review

Internet Income University Overview

Internet Income University is a start to finish system that allows anybody to generate income online. All the tools and training are provided to generate commissions from affiliate sales. Internet Income University was founded by Kevin and Darin Blue.
The best part is that membership to the Internet Income University educational platform and marketing system is free. You can gain access to the all the training videos right away.

New members receive their own income generating website as a bonus. The Internet Income University System currently includes 5 recommended affiliate programs which means 5 separate income streams.

Internet Income University Detailed Overview

Internet Income University is based on the F.A.S.T Income Plan.
The system utilizes affiliate marketing business model. The step by step setup allows you to begin earning money within 24 hours. The sales system includes a sales team that follows up with your leads and closes sales for you.

The F.A.S.T Income Plan:
1) Fast Website Setup
2) Affiliate Income Streams
3) Scalable Advertising
4) Training & Support

“C lick on the banner below to setup your Free Account with Free Website and Training”

Once you sign up for a free account, you are setup with your own income generating website for free. All that’s required on your part is to get your domain name and hosting for a small investment of less than $20. Your website is guaranteed to be installed within 24 hours or less, ensuring you will get off to a fast start.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Most of the big companies online utilize affiliate marketing to make sales. For example companies like Amazon pay commissions to anyone that refers customers to them.

To make affiliate sales you need a website and people visiting your website. Internet Income University provides you with the website already setup to make affiliate sales and the step by step videos on how to get real traffic to your site.

Internet Income University is an accredited business with an A rating from the BBB.

What you won’t find with Internet Income University is a bunch hype and flash. You won’t find a bunch of people next to fancy cars talking about becoming rich overnight. Instead you will find nothing but straight forward presentations and the actual training that really allows people to make money.

The Internet Income University is all about affiliate marketing which means you don’t have to recruit a bunch of people to make money. As with any affiliate program you will make additional income when you do refer other members.

Internet Income University Bottom Line:

The Internet Income University is a legitimate, honest and ethical company that assists people to make money online. If you ever said all you needed was someone to take you through step by step to make money online and you would follow those instructions then the Internet Income University is for you.