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GSP Vs Anderson Silva

The UFC Super fight GSP Vs Silva

Georges St-Pierre came back from an 18 month lay off to defeat Carlos Condit in the main event of UFC 154.

Victory didn’t always seem assured. In the 3rd round Condit hit GSP with a huge head kick then pounded him from the top.

St-Pierre credits his loss to Matt Serra to help him survive the attack. Having experienced a similar big hit in the past gave him the ability to regain his composure and go on to a victory.

Is the much anticipated Super Fight next for GSP? He hasn’t committed to the next fight but Anderson Silva has already stated that he is in.

In interviews following the fight Dana White said he had just spoken to Silva and would give GSP a week or more to recover a bit from this fight before he opens the discussions.

Dana said straight out that it was his job to make that fight happen and he would.

It would be a huge fight for the UFC. GSP fighting a larger Anderson Silva would seem like a mismatch especially since Silva seems indestructible. But in his first fight against Chael Sonnen, Silva all but lost that fight.

GSP is a very methodical fighter who develops a game plan and sticks to it. Having the Sonnen fight to utilize as a guide it could very well happen that GSP and his team could develop a plan to defeat Anderson Silva.

As it stands now who else would you put in a fight against Silva? The UFC may be a sport but it’s also a business and the Super Fight between Georges St-Pierre  and Anderson Silva would be a huge payday for all involved. This fight will happen. Money always talks.