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Google Chromebook Review

Google Chromebook Review

Google announced the new Acer Chromebook for just $199.
The Acer version of the Google Chromebook has been released on the heels of the Samsung version which retails for $249.

They will both be available at Best Buy both in store and online.

A very popular item for Christmas, but the problem is where can you buy a Google ChromeBook for Christmas? Google Chromebooks are sold in store at Best Buy but not available online. Unfortunately the Chromebook is so popular you probably aren’t going to find them in stock. Your best bet is to purchase the Chromebook from Amazon. Although the Chromebook is not listed as out of stock for the $249 Samsung they are constantly receiving and shipping the Samsung Chromebook which is the one I recommend. It might not make it in time for Christmas so give the  recipient a card telling them their Chromebook is on the way. If you must have it and are willing to pay more you can get it at Amazon right now for a higher price. But if you can wait click the link on the page that says $249.

The concept of the Google Chromebook is mostly meant for online computing. It’s based on Google chrome browser and the google apps such as google docs which can be utilized offline as well. Sure it’s not as versatile as a full blown computer but for most of your daily needs it does suffice. You can think of it more like a table with a keyboard.

The biggest difference between the Acer and Samsung Chromebooks is the hard Drive. The Acer contains a standard 320GB hard drive while the Samsung has the Solid State 16 GB hard drive. This is really meant to utilize the cloud storage. The difference in hard drives makes the Acer a little thicker and heavier and runs a little hotter. Eventually standard hard drives crash whereas the solid state don’t. With the the majority of your files on the cloud you are protected. Along with the reliability issue is the increased battery life of the Samsung.

When you first see a Samsung Chromebook you will instantly flash on a Apple Macbook. It really has the look and feel and the trackpad functionality is very similar.

The chromebooks are designed as internet machines without any virus worries. This does come with the limitation of not being able to install programs but there are many apps available for use.
What it really comes down to is the Chromebook is much like a tablet with a keyboard. Anyone that has done a lot of typing on an iPad can tell you it isn’t fun. The chromebook is a perfect fit for students. Very portable and in a better option for creating documents than an iPad.