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A Great Concept That Just Didn’t Make It. RIP GiveOpp

GiveOpp has launched. Although the company has been in stealth mode, this has been one of the most anxiously awaited launches by Home Business Industry Insiders. Early participation was very limited to only a select few. The drive behind the excitement was due to GiveOpp creator Don Glanville.

Don Glanville has been the most successful systems creator of the decade. Mr. Glanville created the Quicklister system for the Liberty League International which escalated LLI from a mediocre opportunity to the Super Star of the mid 2000’s and changed the face of the network marketing industry. Next he created the Reverse Funnel System which shook the industry and launched Global Resorts Network from obscurity to the biggest home business opportunity of 2007. His revolutionary Reverse Funnel System was copied by such notables as Carbon Copy Pro.

Obviously anytime Mr. Glanville releases a new marketing system it is a highly anticipated event, but this time doubly so. For the first time Don Glanville has control of the entire opportunity himself. He has created a business opportunity and product line around his proven marketing system.

Quicklister changed the Industry, the Reverse Funnel System ROCKED the Industry, GiveOpp will stand it on it’s head.

Generally home business opportunities are either designed around a compensation plan or the products. This may be the first real home based business built to suit a proven marketing system.

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