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Eprofits | News 13 EXPOSED


If you are reading this then you are probably wondering is Eprofits is a SCAM. The simple answer the that is yes. Now very rarely use the word SCAM. Many people use that word too loosely when describing income opportunities that they don’t recommend. But is this case Eprofits is a SCAM and you should read this article to learn one way to identify this type of SCAM.

Chances are you got an email with a link to a news story. This always appears as a legitimate looking online version of a news channel. In this case News 13. Eprofits isn’t a new scam it’s been around under different names and with different fake news stations. Such as Home Wealth Formula, The Secret Wealth Formula¬†and Emarketing Online Systems to name a few.

Why Is Eprofits as Scam

The news article you see about a women making a bunch of money from home and links to is a complete fabrication. The entire page and article are made to tell you a story and get you to buy into the Eprofits program. The are completely deceiving you with a made up person and story to get you to buy their program. That is in fact a SCAM by definition.

How Can You Tell Eprofits Is a SCAM

Every browser has the ability to view the “Source” of the website. This isn’t where it comes from but rather the HTML code that generates the page. Poke around on the menus of your browser and you will find it.

When you view the source of the New 13 site ( or whatever authentic looking site your were sent) you can see how they generate these fake stories.

In the Story I am looking at right now it Says
Nicole Williams of ( then lists a city near you) When you view the source it looks like this Nicole Williams of “script src=”” document.write(geoip_city()); , document.write(geoip_region());script”. That is a bunch of code that uses geoip to get your IP address and figure out what city and state your IP address is coming from. It then puts that into the article so you are lead to believe this person is from your local area.
Eprofits and the other scams use these types of methods throughout the News 13 site to continue deceiving you. For example we have all gotten used to seeing reader comments on new sites. Of course Eprofits includes comments as well. They write the comments up and use code to always have them dated yesterday. This makes it all look real and current. For example one comment on this site is from Gina. If you search the code for Gina you will find
Gina says: 6:55 PM ” type=text/javascript document.write(yesterday);script”
The coding there is used to put yesterday’s date as the date of the comment. You will find the same coding used for the article itself to give the appearance that the article was from yesterday.

The story is fake the comments are fake and Eprofits is a SCAM