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Eprofits Kit Scam

This is just another take on a scam we have reported several times. You get an email about making money and click on the link. There you find yourself on a news stations website. In this case it appears to be CNBC called Labeled as CNBC PRO. In fact it has nothing to do with CNBC other than trading off of the CNBC reputation. What they are attempting to do here is sell you the Eprofits Kit.

The Fake CNBC PRO website looks very much like the actual CNBC sites. The real key is to look in the address bar or the URL of the site. You will see or something similar. That tells you this is NOT a site in fact it is a site which is completely different. It is a completely unrelated domain name.

The site does have news and links to make it appear to be a legitimate news site. The main article is all about someone making money from home. In the one reviewed it was Patricia Feeney of Manchester. Her secret that you can copy is the Eprofit kit. Click on the link and it takes you to

The concept is very easy to understand. They make you believe you are following the advice of a trusted and legitimate news station, CNBC.

So what is eprofits? Just another scam. No real need to go into the details. When someone is using tactics such as they use here, by definition it is a scam.

Don’t waste your money on eprofits.