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Empower Network With David Wood and David Sharpe

The Empower Network Review

The Empower Network has quickly become the most prolific money making system for both the experienced and brand new online marketers.


“Over 20 Million Dollars paid in commissions in the FIRST YEAR!”

We have always believed that ANYONE can learn to make money marketing online. With the Empower Network anyone can plug into the training and utilize the Empower Network System to make at least $10,000 per month.

The Empower Network by David Wood and David Sharpe is making huge money for thousands of people. The Empower Network system has allowed many people that have struggled to make money online to finally achieve a very high level of success.

Most questions about the Empower Network can be answered by clicking here to read FAQ’s

David Wood and David Sharpe have had huge success over the last few years. The problem in the industry is duplication. “How do you get the people joining your business to have the same success?” That’s exactly what they have created with the Empower Network.

First they created the Empower Network Viral Blogging System. This system allows even the very technically disinclined to be able to setup and start using a power blogging system. Blogging is the most powerful and profitable way to advertise on the Internet today. This is exactly how David Wood has created huge incomes in multiple businesses over the last few years. This duplicates the ability to advertise effectively.

Second They created the sales funnels. Anybody can learn to advertise and get traffic to their sites. The people that make the real money are the ones that can convert those into sales. With the Empower Network sales funnel David Wood and David Sharpe do the conversion to sales for the entire community.

To Understand Exactly How David Wood and David Sharpe Convert The Sales For You…. Click on the link below and see it for yourself. When you do keep this in mind: If you are considering it, so will other people. Make sure you go through the entire process the completely. Follow the instructions and continue. The power of this system is apparent when you experience it all at one time.

Third They created a hugely powerful compensation plan. The Empower Network compensation plan starts with 100% commissions. So the first person that buys the Empower Network Viral Blogging system covers your cost and after that it’s all profit. They also made this a residual income so you keep getting paid every month. To add leverage they have follow on products that they sell to your customers for you. That’s additional income with no extra work. With all this they added in the power of a modified perpetual leverage system that increases your income exponentially.

Forth They added the training. All of the top income earners in the industry that have actually assisted other people to create success share exactly how they do it with new members. The best way to create a huge income in this industry is to teach others how to make money. The training in the Empower Network System is second to none. The reality is that anyone can get started with the Empower Network and make money. All the tools and training are there all you have to do is follow instructions.

Fifth They created companion system to any business. No competition. The Empower Network allows you to make money right away by referring new members, but the viral blogging system and all the training is designed to help you market any business or products you choose. People in other businesses aren’t your competition, they are your potential new members.

Not only is the Empower Network a great money making machine it is also a fantastic platform to market anything you choose online. In addition to the marketing platform, the Empower Network supplies all of the training needed to both utilize the system and market effectively online. Whether you choose to sell your home made jewelry online or to promote other home business opportunities, the Empower Network is a must have system. Not to mention you can earn a huge residual income as well.

The Business Opportunity:

Or the “Money Making Machine”, as it has also been called.

  • Low startup cost only $25.
  • Pays out 100% commissions.
  • Huge Leverage with brilliant compensation plan.
  • Members earned over $4 million in just 4 months.
  • Sales funnel and founders do all the selling and telling.

Every-time you refer a new member to this marketing and training system that pays you, you earn $25 and it is a monthly income. The leverage in the compensation plan can greatly increase your income. For example if you were to refer just 10 people that purchase the powerful blogging system for $25 a month you can very quickly have 40 people or more paying you that $25 a month.

That income is just what comes with the Empower Network Blogging System. The next tier product is the Inner Circle training system. Industry statistics show that at least one third of your customers will opt in to the Inner Circle. So with those 40 people you will earn and additional $100 per month from 13 people for an additional $1300 per month residual income. Of course there are additional products your customers purchase form Empower Network that will pay you as well.

How Do You Make A Sale?

The founders and the Empower system do all the selling for you. All you do is direct people to the sales funnel. David Wood and David Sharpe do all the selling and telling for you starting with the sales funnel and then constant live and recorded videos and emails.


Click on the link below and enter your email address. Then watch the entire video to see the sales MAGIC! You will see for yourself how simple it is for you to let two of the top marketers in the world make the sales for you.

p.s. If you want to see some real Magic…. at the end of the video purchase your Viral Blogging System for only $25. What happens next is the is the Magic that will quickly turn your income into a Six Figure residual income with no extra work!

Who Should Get Started With Empower Network?

The simple answer is “Anybody That Wants To Increase Their Income”.

Brand New To Home Businesses:

The Empower Network is the best place to start. You will have your own Viral Blogging system and all the instructions to use it effectively to start making money by promoting the Empower Network.

The System and Founders do all the selling for you as you learn how to create and run a home business.

The training you will have access to is literally worth thousands of dollars.

You will be able to start making money while cutting off years from your learning curve and saving thousands of dollars as you become a successful home business professional.

Already Successful in another home business:

The key to success in a home business is to get people looking at what you are selling. David Wood has been the most successful marketer over the past few years. This system and training will greatly expand your business.

The big money in network marketing is to create success for those people that are in your downline. By simply referring those people to the Empower Network you not only give them the tools to market but you have the top people in the world training them for you.

Leveraging your downline. Why not increase you income from your existing downline with the Empower Network.

If you are serious about making money then take the time right now to check out the Empower Network System right now!


The Empower Network is must have for anyone in the home business industry. The Viral Blogging System would cost you thousands of dollars and huge amounts of your time to create. The training available with the Empower Network alone is worth thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.