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Empower Network What To Blog About

New To Empower Network?

Are you new to The Empower Network and wondering what to do with your new blog? Well it does depend on a few things. First if you are marketing a product other than just the business opportunity then you will want to blog about that subject. If all you want to do is get traffic to your Empower Network blog then you have a lot more options. The reality is you don’t want to just blog about the Empower Network.

So what you really want to do is get traffic to your site and let the site itself introduce people to the Empower Network. In that case you can blog about anything you choose. So pick a subject that you are interested in and would like to write about.

Now that you have a general subject you will want to find niche keywords. What that means is words associated with your subject that people search for but aren’t hugely competitive. For example you want to write about fishing. Well you can use the keyword tool  to do the research. If you type in fishing you will see there are over 20 million searches every month and has medium competition. Your goal is to get on the first page of google so people find your article. It would really tough to get on the first page. Now when you see the results you can scroll down and see alternatives.

Best to get a little more specific. Say Bass Fishing. Now there are 450,000 and still medium but if you scroll down you would see how to fish bass. That has low competition and 110,000 searches a month.

So now you have your subject. You want to use the keyword in your titles and at least a few more times in your articles. Try to get articles of at least 400 words and make sure you write articles regularly on that topic and always include your targeted keywords.