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Empower Network Changing The Face Of The Industry

The Empower Network founded by David Wood and David Sharpe is definitely “Non Traditional” in many ways.

The most significant is the results. The Empower Network is having huge results and an extremely high percentage of people making money online. Significantly higher than has become the standard.

The second “Non Traditional” factor about the Empower Network is how they are able to have such huge success. They actually have built a system that takes the “Human Interface” out or the equation. No chasing friends and family, no calling leads just advertising. Most people aren’t good a sales which is why in the past most people don’t succeed with a home based business. The Empower Network utilizes a system with a sales funnel that does all the selling for everyone.

Most Questions about the Empower Network can be answered by reading these FAQ’s

The results have been nothing short of amazing. After launching at the end of 2011 the Empower Network held it’s first event in June of 2012 with more than 1000 members in attendance. This set a record for a first event by a home business opportunity within it’s first year. In September the second event was attended by more that 3000 members. The growth rate is enormous.

At these events they share present checks on stage to people showing the amount they have earned just since the previous event.

David Wood and David Sharpe are definitely “Non Traditional” business owners. They don’t hold back and some of the things they say might offend some people but you can’t argue with results. The Empower Network has paid out well over 12 million dollars to members in less than a year.

It’s pretty simple. Get started, login to your site, follow the direction to get traffic you you Empower Network site and when people get started you get paid. Then those new members just plug in and do the same.

Hundreds of companies have attempted to create a system that takes the Human Interface out of the process but only The Empower Network has accomplished it with such massive results.