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Diamond Holiday Travel

Diamond Holiday Travel is a company entering pre-launch in January 2010. This company is basically a TVI Express clone. The premise behind starting this company is the only problem with TVI is that they never provided the products, so if they copy it and put in a product they can supply then they have a good opportunity.

Diamond Holiday Travel cloned about 99% of TVI Express. The 1% that they changed will most likely make them non compliant in any country that has regulatory agencies that oversee network marketing. Make sure to read this entire article to learn about that 1% change to find out if this opportunity is legal in your country.

From start to finish Diamond has copied TVI Express from website design and layout, compensation plan, business strategy and even the power point presentation.

TVI Express never released ownership details for the company. They did insinuate that Richard Branson and Travelocity were involved.

Diamond Holidays also has not released ownership details, but lists an association with the Asian American Science Foundation. There is not information available about this foundation other than there own website. The domain for the website is owned by “A Foundry Technology Co.,Ltd.” which is a company in Taiwan that sells computer peripherals.

TVI Express initially represented themselves as a UK based company, later admitting to being based in Cyprus.

Diamond Holiday Vacation would have you believe they are a U.S. based company located in Delaware. They prominently promote Global Headquarters in Delaware. This means they have an office there. It does not mean they are incorporated in the U.S.

They use the pretense of being located in the U.S. which has regulatory agencies, in order to give the perception that they are a legitimate opportunity. In fact they couldĀ  not be based in the U.S. as they do not meet the regulations to do business in that country.

Diamond Holiday allows what is called front end loading, which is the ability for one person to buy as many positions as they want, right off that is not compliant in the United States.

Now for the differences.

First they changed the price of the package to $300. They changed the product from a 6 night 7 day vacation to a 4 day 3 night vacation. This is something they should easily be able to provide, but the value to the customer is questionable. Basically you get 3 nights in a hotel for $300 which you can probably get yourself.

Next they made some changes to the compensation plan and this is what you need to take a good look at prior to getting involved. The still utilize the same 2 board force filled splitting 2×3 matrix. They changed the payouts on the two boards. The first board being the Holiday board which pays $1,000. The second being the Diamond board which pays out $15,000.

In a 2×3 matrix the bottom level, which has 8 positions, is used to pay the top position on the board.

So that is 8 positions entering $300 each for a total of $2400. $1000 is paid to the person exiting the board who is then entered into the Diamond board. Assuming all of that money transitions with that person to the Diamond board that is $1400. Once again on the Diamond board the 8 positions when filled pay the top position. The Diamond board bottom row has 8 members who carried forward $1400 each. That is a total of $11,200. The payout on that board is $15,000.

The total revenue from sales utilized to pay the $15,000 is only $11,200.

As you can see the revenue generated is not enough to cover the payout. In addition they are also paying out 13% in residual commissions and promising trips, cars and villas.

It is very plain that the paying of currently earned commissions relies on future earnings. They pay out more money than the take in and that doesn’t include paying for any of the vacation packages they are selling

Before getting involved with this opportunity make sure you consult with an attorney familiar with the network marketing regulations for your country.