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Cooperative Economics | Teamco-op4me Review

Cooperative Economics Review

Cooperative Economics utilizes the websites and These domains were registered in September 2012 by Michael Coleman of Roswell, Georgia.

The concept is an 8 step income plan and the ability to get a new car. The eight steps are indeed 8 levels of  2 by 2 matrices. You enter the first one and when you complete it you are automatically entered into the second. When the second is complete you receive $500 and the rest is used to enter you into the next matrix. This cycle continues until you complete 8 levels at which point you supposedly would be a millionaire.

We’ve done the math on these type matrices for many other reviews and because of the splitting nature of these matrices it would literally take tens of thousands of people to push you through the matrices. Generally the majority of the matrices experience “breakage”. Meaning they never get completed and the money is never paid out. Basically you will never cycle through all those matrices and collect the big carrot.

To top it off Cooperative Economics air Teamco-op4me doesn’t have a product associated with the money being spent. With now product this is a pyramid scheme. In legitimate network marketing opportunities there must be a product supplied for each and every matrix that you enter. In the Case of Cooperative Economics that means you would have to actually receive a product in each of the 8 levels and it would somehow have to have a value of the amount you paid to enter. Every time you complete a matrix you have earned the payout. Cooperative Economics one sixth of that money and uses the remainder for entry into the next level. For example when you complete level 5 you earn $60,000 but only $10k is paid to you. $50K is used to enter you into level 6. To be legal you would have to receive a product that could be somehow evaluated to be worth that amount.

Cooperative Economics is a pyramid and one you could never climb.