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Colin Kaepernick: A Star Is Born

Colin Kaepernick Has Arrived

If you read my previous posts about the Quarterback Controversy in San Francisco you know I have been a big proponent of making the switch from Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick and now the exact reasons I stated have been proven out.

The big difference is his drive to come out big instead of just playing well. In the end Alex Smith is the type of quarterback that can get you to the big game but not the type that wins that big game. Would the niners have beat Green Bay with Alex Smith? I doubt it. If you watch that game again take note of how many times Colin scrambled under pressure and either made a big play or prevented a sack. Alex Smith wouldn’t have committed turnovers in those situations, he would have protected the ball and taken a sack or thrown it away. Either way they would have punted more and put the ball in the hands of Green Bay and their MVP quarterback.

Record setting performances and even winning a Super Bowl isn’t what makes Colin Kaepernick a star. He is exciting to watch. You can’t be a hollywood star if nobody wants to watch you. Beyond the football is Colin Kaepernick. He’s very likable. Whenever you listen to him you just have to like the guy. He’s a great role model for kids.

Finally the niners have a quarterback that has the ability to fill those big shoes of Joe Montana and Steve Young.