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LifePath Unlimited

LifePath Unlimited Review

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LifePath has been downgraded to a 2 star opportunity due to co founder Patrick Combs parting ways with LifePath Unlimited. LifePath’s former high rating was due to a superior product line. Patrick Combs was the primary product developer. With two high end personal development conferences that no longer have the direction of noted personal development guru Patrick Combs, LPU has taken a big hit on the quality of their products.

By developing a stand alone product line in the personal development arena and applying the home business direct sales distribution model LifePath has capitalized on two of the fastest growing industries in the country, home business and personal development.


LifePath Unlimited provides a three-tiered product line in personal and prosperity development. It all begins with “The Awakening” DVD. “The Secret” movie exposed millions of people around the world to the existence of “The Law Of Attraction”, but left people hanging with no idea how to apply it into their lives. “The Awakening” picks up where The Secret left off.

The entry-level product is the Discovery Series. This is an extremely unique product, which is a collaboration of 14 of the top teachers in personal and prosperity development. This includes luminaries such as Michael Losier author of “The Law Of Attraction” book who can be heard 7 times a week on Oprah Winfrey’s radio show, Janet Atwood author of “The Passion Test,” and Dr. Frederic Lehrman founder of Nomad University. Patrick Combs, LifePath Unlimited Co-Founder and Director of Product Development brought these 14 luminaries together to provide their knowledge, expertise and insight on each of the topics covered in the Discovery Series.

In addition to the 8 CD and DVD set, the Discovery series also includes a 56 day online course with daily exercises and video interaction with the 14 luminaries. Discovery customers also have access to a weekly mentoring session with Patrick Combs and various well-known authors and success coaches.

The Discovery series comes with a money-back guarantee. The Discovery series retails for $1,695.

The second product is the Breakthrough conference. This is a 4 day all-inclusive conference for two people at a tropical resort. Engaging, interactive presentations and activities featuring world-class inspirational speakers and motivational trainers and the LifePath Unlimited transformational technology are offered every day and many evenings. The “centerpiece” and highlight of Breakthrough is “FireWalk” where you will learn to move beyond your most limiting beliefs. The Breakthrough conference ticket retails for $8,995.

The final product is the Destiny conference. A lavish five-day event held annually at exotic high-profile destination locations around globe, Destiny sets a new standard for life-changing events. Destiny is an exceptional experience with the opportunity to interact with and learn from some of the most empowered, enlightened and successful individuals on the planet. The Destiny event retails for $14,995 for two attendees.

Citizen Corps Product Review:

1 stars

NOTE: Patrick Combs, co founder and product specialist, is no longer with LPU

The home business industry is in the process of making the transition to mainstream with the support of entrepreneurs such as Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffet. Our analysts all predict that LifePath Unlimited will be the first company to make that transition. Finally, here’s a company that has brought a product to market via the home business model that would easily sell for the same retail price without the business opportunity attached.

LifePath Unlimited has created a product line in the booming personal and prosperity development market that is unparalleled. It starts with “the Awakening” DVD. This is a Hollywood quality production movie. If you liked “The Secret” you’ll love Awakening. Most people that watch this powerful movie rate it higher than “The Secret”. Where “The Secret” reveals the existence of the Law Of Attraction, Awakening explains how to apply it your life.

Next is the Discovery Series. There is no product available today like the Discovery Series. LifePath brought together 14 of the top people in their fields to develop this one of a kind course. The experts range from Michael Losier, renowned expert on the Law of Attraction, Shane Ellison and Deanna Latson, top speakers and authors on health, to relationship experts Glenn and Gwen Pickering, authors of “Tag”. What really makes this course unique is that each of these experts share their insights on each of the 8 topics covered in the Discovery Series not just the one topic for which they are recognized.

Combined with the physical Discovery product is an online 56 days course. Each day for 56 days you progress through a series of exercises in which one or more of the luminaries provides guidance on the topic. They appear in a video right on your screen. To round out the continuing education, every Saturday morning Discovery customers have access to the Discovery Mentorship call in which Patrick Combs interviews various experts on success. The guests range from well know authors such as Dan Millman, whose life story was portrayed in “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior,” to Olympic gold medalists.

The next step in the personal development journey and the second product for LifePath Unlimited is the Breakthrough conference. Anyone who has ever been involved in personal development knows that the next step is to experience the personal interaction with the teachers and coaches that happens at a live event. Once again, LifePath has proven it’s dedication to quality with the Breakthrough conference.

First, it is an all-inclusive ticket for two people. This sets LifePath apart from the other opportunities we have reviewed that offer live events such as Wealth Masters and Liberty League. Wealth Masters live event tickets are for one person and although advertised as all-inclusive only includes the room, breakfast and lunch. Dinner and liquid refreshments are not included. Liberty League’s tickets now only include attendance to the event. The cost of the rooms and meals are the responsibility of the attendee.

Second, is the obvious quality of the event including not only the luminaries but the “Fire walk.” For the “Fire Walk,” LifePath has turned to the best and partnered with Peggy Dylan who has brought fire walking to the western hemisphere. When Good Morning America had Dianne Sawyer walk on fire in NY City they turned to Peggy Dylan.

The next step in the journey is Destiny. Still an all-inclusive event for two people, but this event is held at significant locations around the world. The Destiny conference is held at locations such as The Great Wall, Egyptian pyramids, and Costa Rican rain forests. This event while an Industry secret allows attendees to mingle with some of the most empowering individuals on the planet. Amazingly, LifePath has kept the cost of this event to less than half the cost of similar events.

Marketing Systems:

LifePath has released their own branded marketing system. This is a full service marketing system.

Citizen Corps Systems Review:

3 stars

This marketing system contains all the tools marketers need to run their business, whether they are the brand new novice or the advanced marketer. The cost of this new system is higher then most marketing systems and is the reason for the 3 star rating.

Startup Costs:

LifePath Unlimited Associate fee – $97

Discovery Series – $1695 (Not required but our analyst’s agree this is a must)

Note: Profit is not earned on the Breakthrough and Destiny products until associates become authorized representatives for those products. Purchase of the products garners immediate status as authorized representative. Associates can attain authorized status, without purchase, by referring 5 sales of these products to their sponsor.

Citizen Corps Startup Costs Review:

2 stars

For less than $2,000 a new associate can have an income producing business and earn profit from the very first sale of the Discovery series. With $1,000 profit on each sale, new business owners can be in the black after just two sales. The 2 star rating is in comparison to the lower entry cost opportunities reviewed on this site. Although this is a higher cost the product received is well worth the cost. In general most of the successful members do purchase all three products for a total startup cost of just under $26,000.

Compensation Plan:

The LifePath Unlimited Compensation Plan was written by industry veteran Alan Nettles. LifePath Unlimited uses a true direct sales compensation plan. Only one person earns the profit from each sale. They have a one of a kind compensation plan that offers a true passive residual income.

The Discovery Series retails for $1,695, which is paid directly to the representative making the sale. The representative keeps the $1,000 profit and submits the wholesale portion to LifePath. Unlike older compensation plans, LifePath does not require the representatives to pass up training sales to qualify. Representatives that purchase the product are earning the entire $1,000 on the first sale.

The Breakthrough and Destiny products utilize a perpetual leverage compensation plan that provides a long-term residual income. Each representative passes up the profit from the first sale of each product. Afterwards the representative earns the entire profit from each sale they make of those products.

This is not a simple one up compensation model. The compensation plan utilizes a very simple structure such that continues to payout profits as the sales organization grows. The profits of $5,000 and $9,000 are always paid to a single representative. Although this is a very simple structure, it is best to view the compensation video for yourself and is available at

Citizen Corps Compensation Review:

5 stars

The LifePath Unlimited compensation plan is unique and addresses many of the issues that have plagued the direct sales industry. This compensation plan was written by Alan Nettles who has been a top income earner in the industry for the past five years. He is widely regarded as an expert on compensation plans. Initially brought in as a consultant he was so impressed with the products offered by LifePath that he became a member.

With the Discovery Series, new business owners can earn the full profit from the very first sale. Since the mid 90’s most of the direct sales companies have utilized the 2 up compensation plan for their entry level product which requires passing up the first 2 sales to the sponsor. With LifePath the new entrepreneur is in a money making position on the first sale. With a profit of $1,000 on each sale the new home business owner is in the black after just two sales.

The most significant benefit of this compensation plan is that it provides a true “exit strategy”. This allows individuals to build a business that will allow them to retire in less than two years with a significant passive residual income. The compensation plans utilized by other direct sales companies allow for multiple six figure incomes, but only as long as the business owner continues to work. With the LifePath plan, after an individual makes just 100 sales they will have created a multiple six or even seven figure annual passive residual income.

LifePath did not hold their annual Destiny conference in 2010 and without Patrick Combs involvement with the products we are now rating them as 2 stars overall.