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Body By Vi Rep Commits Cardinal Sin At PGA Event

Body By Vi

While being proactive in her business a Visalus rep committed one of the cardinal sins of marketing at a PGA golf tournament. This past weekend I was at a golf tournament where there were about a dozen vendor booths. I was surprised to see that one was a Body By Vi booth. The booth looked great and there were several people working at the booth. My first thought was “Good For Her”! It’s always good to see people taking real action to build their business.

Unlike most people I did want to hear the pitch but not right away. They had people out in front offering samples in tasting cups. I actually passed by about 8 times before taking a sample. Every time I passed I was offered a free sample. People love free samples so that is a good hook to use. Although I was offered a free sample every time, I was never told what it was a sample of. I knew of course because I saw the Body By Vi packages and the Visalus sign but nothing told me it was a weight loss product.

To her credit she did have a good sized banner with her website listed but … the website was her though had a replicated website url. They typical It would seem she is an offline marketer since is was a booth at an event and no domain name. A domain is a cheap and and important tool. Just as easily  she could have a domain name that was memorable and related to weight loss that redirected to the same replicated site.

So after passing by the Visalus Body By Vi booth several times I was ready to evaluate the “pitch”. I took the free sample. There were to flavors to choose from on the tray. I chose one and really it wasn’t bad at all for a meal replacement. After tasting I waited to see what would be said next. Basically nothing. So I asked a couple questions about the flavors and uses just to open the door for a pitch.

It’s important to remember that a Visalus rep has two goals. One is to get customers for the weight loss product and the second is to sponsor more distributors. Other than the two flavor choices I as told “that it could be used in cakes and was basically a base that could be used in anything”.

So although I was approached several times before tasting and then even asked a couple questions, I was never told that they were selling a weight loss product or that there was a income opportunity available.

The first rule of Marketing is to make sure your potential customers know what you are selling.

Sure this Body By Vi Rep made some basic errors but at least she was taking action in her business and no doubt will learn and grow.