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Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Products

Body By Vi Review Products

ViSalus’ Body by Vi 90 day challenge is a complete comprehensive program for those who are looking to lose weight, firm up and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Body by Vi provides all the tools, the support and the products along with encouraging participants to join a community of others taking the challenge.

The Body by Vi 90 day challenge offers 4 kits to chose from to meet your lifestyle and weight loss goals. The Transformation kit is their ultimate kit that is tailored to achieve the fastest weight loss.

The Body by Vi program eating plan suggests consuming two Vi-Shape nutritional protein shakes as meal replacements, two healthy low calorie between meal snacks and a normal healthy nutritious meal per day.

Let’s look at the products that come with the Body by Vi Transformation kit:

The Vi-Shape nutritional shake mix has 90 calories per serving, 9 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, 30% of the daily recommended values of essential vitamins and minerals, low sodium and no trans fat. Mixed with one cup of nonfat milk or unsweetened soy milk that contains around 90 – 100 calories, that’s a meal replacement under 200 calories. Adding one cup of fresh or frozen fruit at around 80 calories will give you a meal under 300 calories.

The Shape Up Health Flavor Mix-Ins can be added to the Vi-Shape nutritional shakes to add a variety of flavors without the extra calories of fresh or frozen fruit and contain additional healthy benefits:

The Orange Daily Defense mix in contains only 10 calories and has 5 mg of zinc and 575 mg of a proprietary health flavor blend.

The Strawberry Phyto Power mix in contains only 4 calories and has 650mg of a proprietary antioxidant fruit blend.

The Peach Complexion Care mix in contains only 10 calories and has 300 mcg of Biotin, which is a B complex vitamin and 590 mg of a proprietary health flavor blend.

The Banana Energy Charge and the Chocolate Cardia Care both contain only 8 calories, has 0.5 grams of fiber and protein and 150 mg of cocoa extract. Cocoa extract contains theobromine a natural form of caffeine and polyphenols that have heart healthy benefits.

Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mix is a supplement that can be added to the shakes, mixed with water or other non-calorie beverage to help control hunger. It contains a mixture of garcinia cambogia, the minerals calcium, potassium and chromium and the amino acids L-tyrosine, carnitine, PEA and L-theanine which are used to help suppress appetite and enhance fat burning.

ViSalus Neuro Smart Energy Drink Mix is a supplement that is added to water. It contains only 12 calories, has 1 gram of protein and contains a blend of vitamins B and C along with 1211 mgs of a proprietary NEURO smart energizing blend of amino acids, green tea extract, rhodiola extract and DMAE that works as a mood elevator, enhances mental clarity and as a natural stimulant.

Vi-Slim Metabolism Boost Tablets contain 450 mg of an herb blend of the extracts from cocoa, green tea, yerba mate, coleus and evodiamine. All of these herbs have been shown to work as natural stimulants that can boost up the metabolism and inhibit fat storage in the cells.

Omega Vitals Essential Oils is a supplement that contains 10 calories per capsule and is a blend of essential fatty acids and oils that help to support the cardiovascular system, brain function and the immune system.

Not included in the Body by Vi 90 day challenge Transformation kit but can be purchased separately from ViSalus is the Body by Vi All Natural Nutra-Cookie. The Nutra-Cookies come in three flavors, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip and are only150 – 170 calories each, contains 9 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Eat one cookie for a healthy snack or as a meal replacement eat two cookies or one cookie with a Vi-Shape nutritional shake.

In summary, the Body by Vi program appeal and success rate is based on its online community support team, promotion and motivational conferences. There are many similar products and companies that sell these types of nutritional weight loss products. High protein shakes and metabolism boosters are available at any health food store, online and in well- stocked chain markets at lower or competitive prices. Weight loss companies such as Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers offer similar support groups with a sense of community.

Weight loss is a simple formula, consume less calories than you burn on a daily basis and weight loss will occur. With the Body by Vi formula by replacing two meals a day with the Vi-shakes, eating 2 low calorie snacks and a low calorie regular meal a day your daily caloric intake will be less than what your body will naturally burn based on your BMI. Add in an exercise program and you burn even more calories. In the long term, meal replacement diets are difficult to maintain. Drinking a high protein shake can never replace the enjoyment and satisfaction of eating a delicious, healthy meal. Metabolism boosters and natural stimulants have not been proven to be completely safe and effective and come with unpleasant side effects such as jitteriness, sleeplessness, increased heart rate and blood pressure.

So no matter what weight loss program you chose, one that comes with all the motivational hype and bells and whistles or simply a common sense low calorie reduction diet that includes increasing daily activity, if you are able to stay the course, it will all result in weight loss, increased energy and a sense of accomplishment and well-being.