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Blocking Canadian Pharmacies

Government Attempting To Block Low Cost Medicines From Canada

Legislation is pending in Congress with the recent initiatives from the White House to take away American’s ability to purchase affordable medications from Canadian Pharmacies.

Many senior citizens on a fixed income rely on the ability to purchase medications mail order from Canadian pharmacies. For example many people purchase blood pressure medicine that they cannot live without. In the United States one popular medicine runs $80 per month. Purchasing the exact same meds from a Canadian pharmacy is $60 or a 3 month supply. 

President Obama made a deal with big Pharma to work to block the importation of medicine from Canadian Pharmacies. 

Attempts are being made to block all non-us online pharmacies as a risk to public health.

Additionally the administration to encourage private businesses to cut off American’s access to online pharmacies. Enlisting companies such as Google,Visa, Mastercard a Paypal.

With the state or our economy the last thing our government should be doing is helping the big pharmaceutical companies to gouge it’s citizens.

They would have you believe that the international medicines are unsafe, but it is definitely safer than not taking meds because you can’t afford them.

Don’t let this happen. Let your elected officials know how you feel.