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Big Brother Is Watching

Big Brother Is Watching

It might surprise you who it is though. You may have seen the TV show Person Of Interest. The premise is a machine was built that constantly watched everyone to figure out who the terrorist threats are by hacking into everything electronic to get all the information about the people.

Well it’s not as far fetched as you might think. We just call it Google. Google not only has access to a huge amount of email but so much more. With web browsers they know what you are looking at. They know what you are buying. They certainly know what you are searching for online. They know where you are going with google maps and google earth.

Even the Government goes to Google to get information.

Google issues a transparency report to show what information it is requested to provide.

Google received almost 21,000 request in the first half of the year from governments alone.

If you at all believe your computing is private think again. Google isn’t the only online company to provide such information but they most certainly are the ones that have all the information anyone would need to know what is driving the world today.

Person Of Interest may just be a TV show but it really isn’t that far fetched when you consider what Google alone knows about you.