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Auto Profit Machine | AutoProfitMachine Review

Auto Profit Machine

The Auto Profit Machine is every thing you ever wanted and more at least according to “Max”. No sponsoring no work involved it just makes money by magic. But you don’t have to just take Max’s word for how much you can make with Auto Profit Machine, he actually logs into his SWREG site and goes back 6 months to show how he has made over $500,000 using this system.

Well if you believe that you must really be desperate. First of all anytime someone says everyone can make money without sponsoring then you have to wonder where the money comes from? Somebody has to be advertising and recruiting new customers. Supposedly what is behind this system is that the visitors to your site will be split 70/30. So that only 70% of the traffic you generate for your site goes to you and 30% gets rotated out. So in theory some people could do nothing and receive traffic generated by those out doing the work. Sounds pretty far fetched.

Now let’s talk about Max. He doesn’t give his last name in the video but if you were to visit and watch that video you can easily recognize the exact same voice of Max┬áStegemeier on the AutoProfitMachine video. Max shows you an income he supposedly made from this Auto Profit Machine system over the last six months while amazingly he was promoting crazy daily cash. Somehow Max would like us to believe that the income he derived back in since may was all from his AutoProfitMachine system. Coincidentally that time frame is exactly the same time that crazy daily cash launched. So it would appear that the $500,000 he shows in SWREG is actually the financial transactions that occurred with crazy daily cash and probably not even his own profits.

Bottom Line AutoProfitMachine

When someone tells you that you can make money doing nothing then flashes money at you to prove it, then you catch them in the lie… I think you can draw your own conclusions.