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Auto Profit Global | Autoprofitglobal Just another Scam?

Auto Profit Global

Max┬áStiegemeier is at it again with Auto Profit Global. He launches one thing after another. Most recent was Auto Profit Machine. Basically the same thing different price. Here’s the deal with Auto Profit Global. Max claims in his video that he has created a brilliant system to earn online. Next he proves how well it works by showing you the profit he made using the system in a secret test mode. This is supposed to be income he earned using the system that he developed for Auto Profit Machine and now Auto Profit Global.

What he shows you is his SWREG account starting in May. That time frame amazingly coincides with the launch of one of his previous money grabbing schemes called Crazy Daily Cash. So his income proof has nothing to do with how this system earns money you, instead it shows how much he made by selling people on his schemes. In fact in the last year and a half he has launched 5 short-lived opportunities.

Same old formula just tell people what they want to hear. “No Sponsoring Required”. Yes the ever popular make money without doing anything.

Neither Auto Profit Machine nor Auto Profit Global have a retail product. People get paid for recruiting other members. That is the first test in the “Is It Legal” evaluation. No product and people get paid for recruiting.

This is another short lived money grab for Max. It will be gone soon along with some peoples money.